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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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(Aug. 16, 2013  1:00 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Have you not read my messages ?
No, Beyblade is not ended, plus, in any case, Beyblade always lasts longer than B-Daman.

I would also say that Beyblade requires more skill in the shape of strategy, than luck ...

It just seemed really weird to me that he would suddenly try a game that is confirmed to have been suspended already. But yes, obviously you are free to do as you wish, Samurai_Ifraid1, and my comment was mostly humouristic and did not intend to be mean, so I apologise if it hurt you.

Yes, I have read them. In all cases, I don't see any new content coming out. Sure, the 3DS game is coming out but it doesn't add anything new.

And I accept that it requires strategy, but there is a distinct element of luck in strategies as well, would you not say? For example, which contact points collide, whether a Beyblade hits a barrier from the recoil of a collision.

And B-Daman isn't confirmed to be suspended. Hasbro leaked a variety of names of B-Daman parts that we've never even heard of before, hinting that they may continue the franchise past the eS series. Furthermore, Beyblade hasn't always lasted longer than B-Daman. Just to note, Super B-Daman lasted six years before it eventually ended. Bakuten Shoot lasted five years, seven months.

Regardless, I apologise for my retaliation and for taking this thread off topic.
Sure, I even admit that it would be weird for a new series or even a new system to be released in Japan just now when a game featuring a crossover of 4D and Zero-G will come out, but there are still random events being hosted in Asia, and the aforementioned video game coming out, so Beyblade is really not dead or ended. It is not actually 'active', but it is not even really dormant.
Well, it's similar to B-Daman I guess. After October, store events will still be continuing. Furthermore when I phoned up the other day (woo-hoo for Skype subscriptions), they denied ever stating that B-Daman was being cancelled and that we should stay tuned to their site (which is strange, since they haven't updated the B-Daman subsite since April).
Just a heads up, I just got my XC schedule today, and holy crud I'll be busy. Once school starts, I may only be on on weekends and breaks, until XC is over at least.
Really depends on the homework load though.
Hey, everyone! It's GAMMADRACO. Or the person who used to be him anyway. I accidentally deleted my account....... so this is the new me!!
Can you even delete your account ..?
No, that is impossible.
I think he meant signed out, and maybe forgot his password.
Hello guys and I will be out until September 19, 2013 because recently busy.
I'm baccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk Smile
I hate to say this but I'll be showing up on this site less and less over the next. 2 years as I've just entered ninth grade.
I'm just goin' away for the weekend. Smile I'll be back on Tuesday...

Don't you guys dare make some amazing breakthrough while I'm gone! Tongue_out
Noooooo, whos gonna make new top tier comb- oh wait I am XD
(Aug. 22, 2013  10:40 PM)jacolal Wrote: [ -> ]I hate to say this but I'll be showing up on this site less and less over the next. 2 years as I've just entered ninth grade.

This is exactly what I had though when I started last week, but it's not as bad as I had imagined.
So since school starts tomorrow, I won't be *as* active but I'll try to go on at least once every day or other day, depending on the workload. Weekends, I'll be on a few times, depending on the workload. I still love beyblade, as much as ever.
At least I made it to 1,170+ posts, hopefully sometime soon I'll get an antique face Tongue_out
Hey I'm back from my long break, as I get older I feel it harder to stay at this site
Hey Guys I wont be on as much since school is starting September 9th but I'll see what I can do for now.
It's actually quite easy thought I thought I'd show up less, I'm gonna be on this site regularly so no problem now.
I wont be on as much 8th grade starts tomorrow and I gotta continue making my YouTube channel for my beys.
8th grade started for me today! I will sadly not be able to be on as much as I have been lately. I apologize in advanced. I will host a tourney once I get back into the flow of homework though. So stay tuned! I hope people miss me.

Good bye for now! Wink
Back from India, but school starts Monday and senior year kinda demands focus until second semester (because then college so woo) so I'll be down again.

If you have any HMS/MFB questions or just about anything really, shoot me a PM. I'm not able to do much in terms of new testing other than going over older parts because my budget is nonexistent, so yeah fun. (any gifts of HMS are appreciated)

Regardless, I'm active until Monday, then I'll be going back to being busy with life.
Okay. School work just got big, so I'll only be able to post on weekends. I'll still love blading though. See ya around guys!
Hello everyone! You may remember me, and as you see i'm back Grin It's been long I know ._. Well i'm back just to say.
I just had a death in the family this week. Ill be off for a day or two. If you need me hit me up on Facebook.
Sorry for your loss. Unhappy Hope everything goes smooth. Smile