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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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Back from Universal Studios on a field trip.
I had a minor panic attack. I'm such a wuss when it comes to roller coasters P:
(Apr. 23, 2009  4:23 AM)Lance Perfora Wrote: [ -> ]Back from Universal Studios on a field trip.
I had a minor panic attack. I'm such a wuss when it comes to roller coasters P:

Hope you had a good time Joyful_2
Same, sometimes I can't get enough courage to go on the big loopy ones, urghhh...
Its fine its just I got a minor panic attack which sucked P:
Welcome Back !!! Joyful_3
Later Blue...good luck with everything Smile

And welcome back Savatoex!
back! Joyful_3
(Apr. 27, 2009  3:41 PM)pegasis Wrote: [ -> ]back! Joyful_3

lol i didnt realise u were gone! where did ya go?
i was banned Confused
oh ok sorry about that and sorry i didnt realise it doesnt mean i dont value you in the communtiy or anything lol im just slow thats all.
I never knew Gasp
no problem josh... but weird you guys didnt realize i was missing! i used to post 5+ every day Gasp
btw i would like to thank (rocky,wolf,kei,khel,brad,aqua) cuz they helped me while i was banned. and thanks kidtala for putting me with the cool guys Stupid
Yeah Im leaving for a bit.Taking a trip with my sisters,Dad,and cousins.Ill be back in a week or so.(But I leave tommorow ) (Ill be back in a few days like may 1st..or something around that)
Later dude. Have fun!
C ya BladeBee. Have fun. ^^
Not going away completely but I will be less active than normal for some time because of school ... Unhappy
God, school sux. Glad you won't be gone completely,though. Good luck, too.
not really back But this camp thing..House (I dunno,Its like a lounge) I dunno..Has a computer that is as slow as a snail mixed with a tortoise,But I still can come on a bit till I get back..edit:But Not right now...the darn Guy who works at the camp thing wants me to get off....Also I will get back at my house with the fantastic fast computer may 1st
Enjoy your trip!
Have fun, Bladebee!
Have a nice trip BladeBee Grin
OK Now I can be as active as normal again because for some strange reason because our Teacher cancelled the work load... XD
Wow, well that's good. Welcome back?
I imagine most people forgot but, technically (if you go by this thread), I'm still 'away'. I think we can all agree that I kinda failed at that but I thought I'd let you know that now school and coursework is over, I'm back. XD I still have to revise for exams but hopefully that won't take too much of my time. Joyful_3
i still have 10 more days until im free er ish sorta kinda sometimes, well u know what im saying Wink
lol you post heaps for someone whose not free rustin