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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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I'll be away for a few days. I'll be going out of town and I do not want my cousins to discover that I play Beyblade (It's a really big hit in the Philippines, but just to be safe) Probably Wednesday-Sunday!
I've been away for a while due to lack of local interest, but apparently a few locals have challenged me on here, so I guess I need to get back into shape!
Cyas! I'm on holidays for 3 weeks to Taiwan, so I won't be posting regularly. I might post sometimes because I can use the computers in Taiwan. But see ya's for now...
Hey guys, it's really weird for me to say this, but I won't be posting as much anymore, nor will I be as active around the site. In order to maintain my Google Partnership on YouTube, I will keep myself updated with new information via this site, and I will constantly refer to this site when I do unboxings of Beyblade-related matters and such.

After the upcoming tournament in Vancouver, I will, for the most part, be quitting; I'll only continue my Channel with Beyblade stuff to maintain the Partnership like I've stated above.

I have people to thank:

The Admin, notably Kai-V, Heart, and Daegor42 - You guys were very patient with me when I started, not giving me warnings when I made threads that weren't needed. I also had a lot of interesting food and cooking conversations with Heart, as well as stimulating conversations with Kai-V over Beyblade matters. Thank you both, so much.

Daegor's awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! remarks always gave me a chuckle, and his knowledge of the game is just insanely amazing. I may be trying out the Counter Agent build in July; who knows. =)

Oki - You were one of the first people I talked to, and even though at the time, you were quite new to the site as well, you were very welcoming to me with the experience you had here. Truly one of my best friends on the site, imo, although I haven't spoken to you lately! (Add me on FB). And now, you're one of the most powerful people on the WBO. =P

Fyuuor - Even though you're not around as much here anymore, I still know that I must mention you. I'm completely glad that you are safe from the flooding in Brisbane that happened last year. You were so helpful and patient with me when we were developing mid-height Gravity-based Attack combos. (MF) Gravity Perseus D125RF was one of the most talked about combos, thanks to your testing and my idea. Thank you, friend.

blah - You are one of the few friends that grew so quickly that he became a moderator. I was extremely glad to find out you were unaffected by the flooding that hit Australia. Keep on doing your thing!

Hero - I recently met you my friend, and you have the qualities for becoming an Advanced Member; just keep watching your posts, and continue exhibiting your knowledge to the Beyblade community here.

Roan - You helped me so much with Yu-Gi-Oh!, and understanding what to tech in, what to Side, what to use for my Extra Deck and such. Without your help, I wouldn't be such a perceptive player as I am now, and I thank you; RPYGO rocks!! Unfortunately, I'm quitting Yu-Gi-Oh! as well, and my Deck is already up for sale

There are way too many people to mention here, but I'll name more that made my experience here the best: momiji manju, Frownie; basically the entire lot of the Advanced Members, SSJfisherman, AkirasDaddy, Dan, Pyro, and the rest of you whom I communicated very frequently.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Now, I know what you're thinking: "why is Momo quitting out of nowhere?" Google's YouTube Partnership Program has opened my eyes and shown me the possibilities of doing film on YouTube whilst getting paid for having fun in front of the camera, which is what I'm seeking to pursue as a career.

I'll be returning to my university in the fall with a new major: film. I'll also be investing a lot of money in camera equipment, lighting kits, boom microphones with sound packs and such, and with huge expenses such as those, I simply cannot devote too much time to Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh! anymore.

I've also met a certain someone whom I've taken an interest in... so, with that said, I do need the time to invest in her as well.

This may be me quitting for good; this may be taking another pause. But, I guarantee you guys, you'll see me on a different screen very soon (making a secondary comedy Channel).

Much love, WBO members. This isn't a "good-bye", but a "see you around".

- ~Momo~ <3

I wish you the best with your goals in the future, and if you don't return for a while, we'll miss you! I'll still be subscribed to your YouTube channel, and please PM me about any other channels that you create!

(Apr. 06, 2011  10:18 AM)桃太郎 Wrote: [ -> ](Add me on FB).

Haha, sorry, I gave up FB for lent, so I won't be on it until Easter, but if you want to know any other social sites of mine, PM me.

It was really cool having you here, and again, if you don't come back, we were glad to have you here.

Best Wishes,
Good luck with future pursuits Momo ! You were great addition to the community and just a great person to have around. :]
Hope to see you around some time soon. ><
Wow, in my last post, I stated I will make try to befriend everyone who has not left yet, and the way to win you're friendship was ready. Now all I can say is 'See you around' as you have said to us.

I wish you good luck on future tries, hopefully you're YouTube account becomes a mega-successful one, not that it isn't right now.

I hope this remains a see you around, and doesn't become a bye. See ya 桃太郎.
Oh yeah, there's one more piece of advice I'd like to give you guys before I take my leave: for those of you who plan to go to university, do it for something that you enjoy. Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong, or it won't provide a stable income, or anything like that. If you sincerely have in interest and passion for something, chase after it, grasp it, and never let it go.

Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams are wrong, and that you can't succeed in what you love, because only you know what's best for you.

Keep chasing after your dreams, and keep spinning those Beys, guys.

- ~Momo~ <3
Best wishes for your future endeavors Momo. I've always enjoyed reading your threads/posts and watching your channel, and I think all of us will look forward to seeing your second channel.

Here's hoping to seeing you around Grin
Well, I'll be leaving the WBO for about 2 months. Test exams are coming up. Catch you guys later. After today is when I'll leave, so I'll make this day last.
(Apr. 06, 2011  7:29 PM)Vongola-Hibari Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I'll be leaving the WBO for about 2 months. Test exams are coming up. Catch you guys later.

Awwwwwwwwww man, (sigh) you'll be missed.
It's sad hearing that Momo is going. I wanted get to know him better. But now... it's too late Crying

I wish you the best of luck in the future. I hope you make it big with your new channel. Everyone here will miss you.

Best of luck,
Never mind, I found out that my exam is going to be on my labtop and that this year we get to keep our labtops until the last day of school. I just won't be on that much during the Summer.
Yay, hes back!
Goodbye Momo, I've enjoyed reading your posts and the times when we've conversed.

Good luck for the future.
Momo, momo, momo.

I've always said you da man.

You da man.

You are the reason I got into this amazing hobby, and you were always the one who just talked to me about buying beyblades. Even when I asked almost every day.
That's for the help with the stadium

It really puts a big smile on my face to know that I have befriended someone like you.

I'll keep up with your comedy man Smile

You da man.

Keep it up. Smile

see you around

-sigh- Everyone is leaving? I wish the best of luck to all your endeavors. Please come back and visit us, what would we do with out Momo?

Best Regards, Hero.

-1 Greatest Veterans Population
just to let u know im back
(Apr. 05, 2011  4:22 PM)Delta Blader Wrote: [ -> ]I'll be away for a few days. I'll be going out of town and I do not want my cousins to discover that I play Beyblade (It's a really big hit in the Philippines, but just to be safe) Probably Wednesday-Sunday!

I guess I'm back though nobody cares. I won't be very active due to not being bothered to go through the spam by some members here.
Gah! So many changes! Well, I'm back in all of my anti-Brady glory, but I hate to see so many people go...
I'm just tired of beyblades right now. Social life is more important. I will be leaving for a good chunk of time. Might make a few visits here and there.

See you around,
-Ray- (Dusk)
Oh god, Momo. Super late!
I thought the opposite would happen since Vancouver is holding tournaments but apparently not..
Well, see you man. Will you still be willing to sell me things from your 'special' shop? You are probably one of my best friends here. I second the whole 'do what you want' idea, I hope to see you in movies or something along those lines, haha. I hope that ladylove works out!
Rather short, but my point is made. PM me whenever you can. :V Saddening.
(Apr. 06, 2011  10:18 AM)桃太郎 Wrote: [ -> ]*snip*

D; You forgot me.... remember you helped me when I first signed up. ! Even tho we don't talk that much anymore. I'll miss you. Hope you have a good relationship and future. Promise me one thing, keep a good life and don't forget your hobby.
Dam, Fyuoor left, now Momo who next? D;
I feel Too Many Good Members are leaving.... Crying What will Remain of the WBO?


I have never PM'd you Spoke to you Individually on a Thread but behind the Scenes I really look up to you.
With Combos, Long posts, Endless Expertise Everything You knew Already.

If I Continue Beyblade and Evetually make it to a Advanced Member/Mod. I will Definitely try to be as Much as Possible Like you.

I will be Looking out on your Channel for your Progress into Film. Good Luck in Life My Friend Smile


I am Also Taking a Week or 2 From Beyblade. Well Ill be here but on One of our Various Pokemon Threads.
I may Post here and There though.
Okay, I Return ... Hope My Brother Was Good Here.