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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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That's really terrible Ryūjin ... please let us know if there's anything we can do.

Kai-V, I'm pretty sure his father attended a couple events with him (and even played in one, if I remember correctly) in the past, and I don't think there's anything he would have seen at those events that would have convinced him it was worth banning Ryūjin from attending.
Yeah, in that case it probably has nothing to do with us ...
Hey guys,

So, I've been on this site for about 2 and a half years now, and I've had an amazing time. I've met a lot of great people, had a lot of interesting discussion, and learned a lot about Beyblade. It's pretty incredible how dedicated this community has been to expanding the competitive dimension of this game for so many years; I'm truly thankful for everybody's efforts from the birth of this site until now that have contributed to my love for and knowledge of Beyblade. I would never have become the player I am now without them. I'd like to thank all of the amazing users who have been around during my time here, since the climax of Zero-G to the release of Beyblade Burst; you guys are great. The quality of discussion on this site, both behaviorally and intellectually, has been top-notch, and I'm grateful for that.

At this point, the era of MFB is drawing to a close. The last Metal Fight Beyblade release in Japan was way back in late 2012. I've invested quite a bit of time and money in MFB, and so far its been worth it. But now, with the release of Beyblade Burst, I'm fairly certain, as are most others on this site I assume, that the innevitable overshadowing of MFB is around the corner. Unfortunately, I'm at an age where time and money are extremely valuable commodities, and I simply can't afford to invest in Beyblade Burst. That said, I think my time as an active member of this community has reached an endpoint. I wish I could continue on, but to perfectly honest (and this is a bit difficult for me to say), Beyblade is just a game, and if I'm honest with myself, I have much higher priorities I need to focus on right now.

Nevertheless, I have had a great time getting to know all of you who are here now as well as some who have left over the years. I hope my contributions have been valuable, and I hope I've helped make this site an interesting, welcoming place. My final tally in the Beyblade Discussion Forums of this site comes out to 34 testing threads, 9 customization articles, 5 Beywiki articles, and 12 originally tested top-tier combinations. I hope that's enough to make my time here worthwhile, haha.

I'd like to thank all the Committee members and other staff who have run the site during my time here. You guys are truly dedicated and you've done an amazing job. I'd also like to thank all the event organizers who have given me the opportunity to compete against other like-minded players over the years, and have kept the tournament scene active all this time. No new releases or anime to fuel public interest, and they still kept it up. Kudos to you guys.

Lastly I'd like to thank a few specific users who have been an inspiration and encouragement to me. @[Dark_Mousy], @[Stormscorpio1] and @[Thunder Dome] were some of the first players from this site who I met in person. They've been dedicated teammates and mentors in competition. I owe my Beyrank and my tournament record partially to them. @[Ingulit] and @[th!nk] were both hugely inspirational to me as far as testing and customization went. Reading Ingulit's MSF Revizer Dragooon SA165EWD thread was the spark that lit my interest in customization, and th!nk was a constant encouragement during the F230 debate and my obsessive quest to become an advanced member, haha. @[Kei] and @[Kai-V] have both been great mentors to me during my time here, even when I was a little difficult to put up with.

I'll still probably pop in once in a while if you guys are talking about something particularly interesting, and I'll most likely attend events occasionally, but I'll be kind of off in the background from now on (if F230 gets a permanent ban I'm gonna come back and celebrate, though). Who knows, I might get into Burst someday.

You guys have all been amazing. And remember, Girago has high rotational recoil resistance, LTACs are underrated, RF is just as high-powered as R2F, LAD and Precession are two different things, MF-M is bad for Spin-Equalization, MF is an excellent mobile Defense Bottom, Bahamdia's inconsistencies are erased in left-spin, Aggressive Defense is not Anti-Attack, Bearing Drive isn't as flimsy as you think it is, CS is outclassed defensively, RF-Based Defense is where it's at, S130 is a great Spin-Equalization Track, and F230 needs a ban!

Do me a favor guys - finalize the Standard Tier list.

Long live MFB! Long live the Customization Forum! Long live the WBO!

Peace out.
Thank you so much for all of your contributions over the past few years, despite having never got the chance to know you. I hope you'll find your way back here someday as so many have, but in case you don't, I truly wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours.
Sad to see such an amazing member go!

I really hope you do take interest in Bursts in the future, it would be cool to see you posting some more testing threads Wink

I wish you well Smile
[)ragon, I never really got to know you, but I have seen your testing threads and have actually played with some of the combos..

Your knowledge has been important to the WBO, and I just want to say thank you for all these testings. Smile

If you return, I hope to get to know you better. Unsmith
@[[)ragon] Dude, y'know everyone is gonna miss you Unhappy

Well whatever awaits you, good luck buddy and I hope you remember all of us in your hearts Smile
Well, thanks for all your hard work you did for this community and just remember that you'll always be a great member in our eyes.
This is probably the most depressing news I've received out of the two years I've been on this forum. Unhappy

I probably wouldn't be the same I am today without you. Thank you so much for testing combos, writing Beywiki articles and sharing all of your knowledge. I've learnt a lot things from reading your posts. I really do appreciate it.

Hope you have a bright future dude! Be sure to pop in every so often!
Another great WBO member gone? That's really sad to hear but I do sincerely hope that [)ragon does come back one day along with other great members (like th!nk, Hazel or others) and blossom this forum.
Ah man, pass by a tournament and borrow some combinations ? I do hope that you come back soon, but thank you for all of your contributions and your presence in this community. We will definitely do our best to carry over your spirit when the time comes for a consensus in the F230CF/GCF matter hah.
[)ragon! NOOOOOO!
Dude, Noah, I only got to meet you at my first tournament but i've been waiting for a rematch ever since! And i've spent over $500 on MFB in the past 6 months, so I don't plan to stop competing any time soon. I hope that if you have some time, you'll still be able to make it out to some MFB and zero-g tournaments. We really need your help to keep it alive around here.

And as far as burst goes, I plan to collect at least one of every layer, ring, and driver; soon after the release. And also to have mint competitive combos before every event.
You are always welcome to use my beys! I'll even let you use the fresh ones.

I respectfully decline your proposal to leave.
Well, Noah I have to say that you have been a truly awesome person to get to know on this site. It's going to feel a lot different without you man it truly is. I have to say that I hon never thought that I would be reading this post, but I guess that's just how things go. As a fellow NC blader, a team mate, and I friend I tell you good bye. Best of luck to you in whatever you do from here on out.
Noah it's really sad to actually see you go. I've really got to know you these past years. Skype Calls, Private Messages and best of all Beyblade Tournaments. You were always really cool to talk to and you were always one of the most competitive players I've played against. It was even better when Howard, Collin, you and I all got to be on the best team ever. It's sad to see you go, but I understand and hope you can remember all the good times we've had over the years. Hope we can talk again soon man.

From Adam

@[[)ragon] I'm really sad to see you go especially since I've actually met you in person, but I totally understand why. It was great to get to know you and compete against you (even though I lost every time lol). It's safe to say that you were one of the most influential members here over the past few years as well, and that the WBO will miss your contributions and knowledge. I do hope you return one day, whether it's for Burst or whatever might come after it. I'm gonna miss you man.

I'm glad to say I had the chance to meet and battle such an impressive blader like you! Thanks for all the contributions, the entire community appreciates it! Going 2-3 with you is an accomplishment for me XD.
Well hey, I'm alive. Junior year and it's the perfect time to get back into this one hobby that I can't let go of. Smile
I will miss you. You have been a true competitor and friend. I have nothing but respect for you and all of your contributions. You will be missed. And I hope you will still come around to tournaments even if its just to hang out.
@[[)ragon], your customization threads have set standards that others in the future should follow and you've grown into undeniably one of the most knowledgeable Bladers of the MFB-era; your dedication to testing and experimentation led you to the discovery of concepts and customizations that have become keys to success for competitive Bladers around the world. And you've done it all with great humility and desire to communicate ideas with others without losing sight of what you believe to be true. That is the hallmark of not just a member who has contributed in greatly positive ways to the community, but of a good, confident person in general. I'm certain you'll be just as successful in whatever it is you move on to next. As everyone else has expressed, I too am sad to see you go!

Try stopping at some Beyblade Burst tournaments in NC whenever you have a chance. I'm sure everyone would enjoy seeing you again, and will be happy to lend you parts! And when the time is right, it might just inspire you to get back into the game. Smile
I feel really awkward posting again at this point, but I was so surprised and touched by the responses I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate it. Those were some of the most encouraging words I've heard from anyone. Thank you guys so much.
You shouldn't feel awkward about posting here still!
Hey took a bit of a brake, but everything seems more level now.

I'm so sorry to hear that, hopefully he can make it through.
(Aug. 29, 2015  6:48 PM)Lelouch-Vi Wrote: [ -> ]Hey took a bit of a brake, but everything seems more level now.

I hope your dad does get the treatment he needs, I'm sure he'll be walking out that door as a healthy man again Smile
Hey man I'm really happy that your dad is doing better now. I really wish the best for you and your father.