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Hi, I'm tRiblaDeQ, but you can call me Q, TribladeQ, or qwertxj3! Last year I started blading along with my brother, BunybladeX, with our first pack, the Lightning Screwdriver 2-Pack. My first bey was Storm Capricorn M145Q, and I still like it! I live in New Zealand. It may be a small country, but a exellent place to get rare plastic beys, from a online selling site called Trademe! Tons of people sell their old plastics to buy the new MFB. Currently, I have 17 beys, and my brother has 17 beys to, which add up to 34 beys. My favourite combos are: Attack: Varares R145RF, Lightning L Drago BD145LRF/RF Defence: Basalt Aqaurio BD145CS Stamina: Phantom Orion B : D Balance: Meteo L Drago CH120XF My other hobbies include: Yugioh, Drawing, crafting random stuff, tennis and some gaming. Feel free to PM me for a talk and questions! That's it for now! Bye, Q~

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