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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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I've never really done anything from a competitive standpoint, but I've collected beyblades starting in '03 and I stopped in '04-05.
I've liked Beyblade since the first season came to the US ah the memorizes Smile
i started around mid christmas 03, when i was in reception, brings back memories when i got my first galzzly in woolworths. i quit blading when i was in later yr 1, came back when i was in yr 4.. consistently 3 (going into my 4th) years, but overall im going into my 8th ..
ive been into it since it first came to the uk
lol thats almost 9 years of blading.
yeh well my parent threw out most of my blades so i was kinda forced into retirement even though i still liked it
i've been blading for about 7 and a half years or so. started when i was 12 or 13, slowed down with it when i was about 16 then at 18 i gave my blades to my nephew but still played it with him whenever i came over. then i got back into it when i found the new mfb's here in korea about a month ago.
(Nov. 07, 2009  5:43 AM)LDrago Wrote: [ -> ]yeah is only been out for i think 8 or 9 years right?

well, it kinda depends on how old you are, and how faithful you are to beyblading.
wtf megaro?
beyblades been out in japan since 98.. its got nothing to do with being faithful
(Dec. 06, 2009  2:18 PM)BLaDeZ Wrote: [ -> ]wtf megaro?
beyblades been out in japan since 98.. its got nothing to do with being faithful
well,i mean, you could quit beyblading for maybe a few years or so, like when they stopped selling them. And then you would get back into them, then that would add or take off how many years you have been blading
been playing since they first came out in the uk
I've been playing since I was 5. I'm thirteen so that's eight years, and I never stopped for more than a month or two. I'm so happy for myself!
I started in 5th grade when my friend told me about them and how kids were using the cafteria after school too play with them. I played till 8th grade. now i'm in 12th and just have restarted getting into it. so id say so far 4 years
i started when it first came out
im 13 now and i dont remember when i started uhhh
kindergarten to first grade i think o.0
started when it came out but I beyblade for two years then retried in 05
I started in 2002. my brother was 4 or 5 i bought a dranzer s and searched to the extreme for my brothers dragoon f.our stadium was...a bath ,but eventually we got a big plastic arena no idea what it was though.But after a while my dranzer's attack ring broke(damn dragoon) and i quited for a year then i bought new ones and pwned everyone in the neighborhood with my new dranzer v(all against me all at the same time ,silly newbs).Since then i always wanted more opponents and then i found the wbo.
i have been beybladeing since the beyblades first came out
I started blading when I was in the third grade, which was over 6 years ago. Pretty much when Beyblade first came to Finland actually. I stopped at fifth grade and got back a few months ago. Never did anything competitive though. I don't think there's ever even been any tournaments in Finland anyway.
since i was four.. so then for 8 yrs
Since 2001 or 2002 so about 8 or 9 years that's a long time when put into perspective.
About 8-9 years, depending on when the Beyblade anime hit the Phillipines.
Well I'm 12 now so about 6 years.
ive been blading for at least 8 or 7 years
I´ve been blading since i was 8
5 years, and aiming for a lot more! ^^
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