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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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lol three months... Grin
i think about 7-8 years when i was like 8-9 though i started to like yugioh more now
though what is werd is say ing to my gf hey elisa[l-e-sa] ive got to go play a beyblade tournamant or like ive got to go play beyblades,also my friend andy,weve been BFs for like forever still now Smile he still like bbing also.[/align]
heh-heh i remember the first bey i got it was dragoon,then i got dranzer s or somthing i dont know all i know is that it nearly ripped off the skin of my index finger*owe*[it still huts and i have a scar]also my dad launched it so basiclyit was his fault but still im the one who tried to grab it. i remember it was still spinning when he was putting gauz on it.
About 4-5 years
Since they came out to America. Very few played with me when I first did it cuz I was 12 then and I'm the last one left lol. However I'm not the last one left playing pokemon...
maybe 3- 4 years.stoped blading when the original ended.just started again with mfb last year.
Since 2001. ^^; . Good times, good times.
I started in 2005. Wish I had started earlier, but oh well.
5 years.
a brief time in 2007, and again in febuary last year to now.
I've been Beyblading since Beyblade aired in the US.
(May. 03, 2009  4:26 AM)Guardian Odin Wrote: [ -> ]Six or seven years for me
7 years now my first bey was driger then my first hms was driger ms and my first MFB was rock leone weird huh lol wekk yeah 7 yeas im a proud blader!!
I'm sort of new to beyblade, but I already have a really powerful beyblade. I discovered it after i bought an Earth Virgo.
since metal fusion came out in the usa. no offense to the 22 yr olds but it is a little weird to be beyblading STARTING at my age and then still beyblading this many yrs later
8 years, when Bakuten Shoot was first aired.
you spelt whole wrong anyway i started about when i was 6-8 i can't remember dang NOT THAT LONG!
soo yaa.
The first time I touched a bey was on December 3, 2010, so for 3 months and 5 days. Smile
I've been blading ever since they came out in the U.S.! Seems like forever ago! I remember the first bey I got, Metal Defense Draciel. Then I took a break when HMS came out and started up again when MFB came out. First MFB bey was Rock Leone/Storm Pegasis 2 pack.
a year and now they call me the lord of beys in school and a lesson
For about 5-6 years............
My first bey is lost an Dranzer(I think)
I've been blading ever since the original G-Revolution beys came out. Only recently have I been blading because of the newer series. My original blade spun off my table and hit the refrigerator and then exploded into about fifty pieces. I was very sad because it was the first toy I had ever bought with my own money. I know it sounds stupid but I was going to give it to my kid if he/she ever got into blading.
1 Year... I remember using Dragoon V2 as my first bey. Later i got a Flame Pegasus. Sadly,i threw all of them away two years ago, as they were lame and some other stuff were better.. Wish i didn't threw em, they are rare this days..
4 Months I think?

I played around with a Couple Plastics when I was tiny. I wouldnt Classify that as Blading though.
5 months. I don't have plastics because I started when it's already at MFB.
2 months (approx) an I already know as much as Madoka. I started when my friends started. The I started searching beyblades on the web. Last year it was Yu-gi-oh. Don't get me started on that.

My friend once said after I said that Rock Leone isn't weak (even though it probably is) I saw on Youtube it beat Rock Aries. This is what he said~ That's all you do! Watch beyblade battles on Youtube? Oh my god!
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