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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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Started when BeyBlade first came to North America. Stopped however after one year. Now I'm back into it...
7 or 8 years. I'm 11, and I used to play back when i was 4 or something, my brother tried to get me into it and I just knew Tyson from the anime and Dranzer, but I still used to play with them a bit.
And I didn't know about AR's, WD's and so one.
Then few years later I forgot it and so now I know it again.
I could've sworn I played before '02, but I guess that's when I started XD I got a Dranzer Spiral and started watching the show, then I switched to dragoon fandom and my friend picked up the dranzer line.
Ive been blading for I think 6 and a half years

I remember my first beyblade was a Dranzer S. I was so happy, but it broke.
I cried for like, a few weeks, but then got a Master Draciel. I got the AR of it and a heavy WD and the base of my Dranzer(cause it didnt get smashed) and that beyblade is my beyblade that reminds me of the good old days. Even if its not the best. It can always pull out an unlikely win.

I remember at my school, there was these beybattles everywhere at lunch and reccess. It got so popular that people fought over them and stole, so it got banned in my school. It was then an underground thing in my school.

People started forgetting about it, but not me.
Picked up a Driger Fang somewhere around mid 2003 and was absolutely hooked from then on.
i have been bladin for 4 - 6 years
hmm... i think i started beyblading when i was 10. so i say about, 6 years? i still love it to death! and now that Metal Fight Beyblade is out, im hooked more than ever!!( i used to dream about the day that metal beys would be made Joyful_2)
About 7 years.
9 whole carping years...4 years blading with myself
I Started When i was in year 5 i think. Confused
& Im Year 12 Now. Still got my original beyblade Wink
ive been beyblading for 10 years now
i think about 10 years
10 years? it hasn't even been out for that long.
yeah is only been out for i think 8 or 9 years right?
(Nov. 07, 2009  5:38 AM)Raykon Wrote: [ -> ]10 years? it hasn't even been out for that long.
In Japan, Beyblade was first released in July 1999. I do think Nelvana and Hasbro got the rights only at the beginning of 2002 though ...
My cousin in japan sent me 2 spin dragoons in 1999 and I have loved the series ever since.
not anymore
I've been buying them since late 2002/early 2003.
I've been beyblading when beyblades first came out in the UK.
I've been "blading" since my youth, but it wasn't really blading becouse it was a bootleg top.

I've been an actual blader for 2 seasons.
I've been Blading since I was four or five, I stopped at seven, and now I'm back at 11. (I just wish I had a couple Engine Gears. I thought I had one when I found a couple at my dad's house, but I found out last night it was just a Magna-Spin Gear.) Tired
(Nov. 11, 2009  6:04 PM)SonicManEXE Wrote: [ -> ]I've been Blading since I was four or five, I stopped at seven, and now I'm back at 11.

omg thats exactly the same as me Tongue_outPP
since 10th grade so 7to8 yrs
Ever since it started by hasbro. I remember my first bey was a DRIGER and my first stadium was the purple thunder rumbler. Brings back memories.
I had started literally the first day it was released in 2002, and I can remember that Toys R' Us Pile they had every blade and people went and jacked them, but I managed to find Dragoon, Driger,Draciel, and Dranzer...( the original ones)

I had Draciel and Dragoo, my bro had Dranzer and Driger

And I stopped around 2004 and began about a year ago..
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