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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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I have been blading almost my whol life. I got my first blade as a little boy around four and now I'm thirteen. I am dedicated to beybladeing and honor the society. What about you?
There is already so much discussion about this i think this thread will be locked. But for now il just say that ive been blading for what 7 years? or 6? whennever it got released pretty much.
been Blading for a few months (around 4)
Let's seee...since 7th grade. I was almost thirteen...

Nearly seven years?
Since 3rd grade. That's about 7 years as well.
June 2002; so 7 in a couple of months.
Around 7 years for me as well.
Its hard to believe it's been that long.
Six or seven years for me
It's weird...all of my Beyblading memories from the past are so vivid, but I can barely remember anything else before my 18th birthday...

Maybe I'm just an old beyfart?
Since year 3 so ... about 6 years I have been beyblading. That seems so long...
I was thirteen ... so about seven years.
(May. 03, 2009  4:26 AM)Anubis Wrote: [ -> ]Six or seven years for me
i cant remember about when they came to the stores in usa is when i started
going on 9 years
(May. 03, 2009  11:15 AM)The Shredder Wrote: [ -> ]going on 9 years

Unless you were living in Japan when Beyblade came out, this is a lie.
when did they come to the usa
(May. 03, 2009  11:21 AM)Rustin Wrote: [ -> ]when did they come to the usa

Late 2001 or early 2002, I believe.
so about 7 -ish for me than thanks brad
(May. 03, 2009  11:16 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Unless you were living in Japan when Beyblade came out, this is a lie.

sorry, ever since i was in yr 6 and i was makin a guesstimate, its... going on 8 yrs, in my 8th year now
thats a long time when you think about it
Hmm, I'd say eight years but that can't be right. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 memories are all bundled together for me. Definitely had them in year six, pretty sure I had them in year five. I remember playing with them in the year three corridor but I guess I could have just been walking through. I don't remember. u_u

I'm gonna go with:
Started when I was on the 10ish side of 9.
Hiatus when I was 11/12 (still loved beyblade but didn't blade anymore).
Came back when I was nearly 16 (about six months ago).
So that's around 7 years overall with a 4 yearish break where I wasn't actively battling.
everyone needs a break every now and then right!
EDIT: Never mind. I'd say 7 years if you don't count the hiatus since I never really stopped. So yeah... Smile
7 years ish, with a 2 year hiatus somewhere in between. I never really stopped during the hiatus though, whenever guests or friends came over we'd play Wink
It's impossible to say, I took many breaks inbetween.
I got back into it last in year nine. After seaching the web for active members of the community and news on new beyblades I found this place, that was it for me then. Now an active member of the community! Wink
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