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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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I only collect beys not Battle
so 3 Months.
about 9 years
I am beyblading from the past 6-7 yrs and as long as I remember my first bey was a Master Dranzer v force
I have been blading for a year. I've started when my friend told me so.
Hey guys i am blading since beys came to india way back in 2005 & had stopped in 2007 dude to college , but now back into blading but this time back permanently
Lol, I started when BMF came out in Australia. My first bey was a Dragoon Grip Attacker Confused

Haha, I wont be so active in the community so much anymore because I need to focus on study habits and save the money for more appropriate things, not little tops that creat gaiant windstorms when ai train hard enough...

Been into the hobby since 2005, but then I was a little kid and I thought the star ratings were everything. I then got out of it after a year or so. 18 months ago I just Googled 'beyblade' because I was board and I started watching G-Revolution. I saw comments about the new episodes 1-9 with subtitles on youtube and then I got interested. However I only got my first beyblade a few months ago. My first ever was Bumpking. I think that's how you spell it? Haha. I think the first site I saw was DGT's blog. Then I went to beyblade spirit but the website seemed to be abandoned so now I am here Smile I also watched videos and now I have my own youtube channel dedicated to beyblade, except for my first video Grin
(May. 03, 2009  8:20 AM)Maz Wrote: [ -> ]
(May. 03, 2009  4:26 AM)Anubis Wrote: [ -> ]Six or seven years for me
I've been blading for 8 years now.My Grandma got me into beyblading. I was 4 years old back then, now I'm 12.My first ever beyblade was Driger V.
03-011=almost 8 years......first blade-dranzer gt in the g-revolution era.
been blading for about 8 years
Bladed for 4 in all
7/8 years. Since they first came to the U.S.A... I remember being at target and saying "Mommy Mommy get this one plzzzzzzzzz" and ended up leaving with 4 beys and a stadium. Good times ^^
8 years on and off. I was the only one of my friends that continued with it
i think i got one from japan when i was only a few years old. so about when they where fairly new in japan
Since they came out around 2002.
8 years
I've been blading for 7 or 8 years, sadly though no one blades where I live anymore
8 years, my friend got me in to it, he thinks now its for losers (doesn't know i'm still in to it)
Since 2001 when Hasbro first released them in the states
Since 2002. Ultimate Frostic Dranzer was my first ever bey. <3
Just a 2 months or so.
9 years, ever since i was five. wish i knew my first bey's name.
lets see I got my first Beyblade in kindergarden at 5 soo about 9 years
10 years on and off...

this is a good pastime anyway
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