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Country: Registration Date: Nov. 03, 2010

Hello pplz, Some people call me machipz and I've only just started blading since they released the MFB series in Japan 2008. I prefer to keep my combos concealed... Even though I''m used to Metal System and HWS blades, I know alot about HMS and Plastics, and am selling quite a few of them, so please feel free to browse my wares :P You can find them under the machipz hyperlink in my signature. I tend to purchase my beys online, unfortunately though I still need a new debit card. Currently I'm looking to extend my collection for more customization possibilities although for now, check the spoiler in my signature for a list of my beys... I am the leader of Battle Chipz. If you have any questions PM me or any other member, we'll be happy to answer your them. ^^ I'm muslim, but don't judge... And yes, I am Mgablader9's rival :/

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