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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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before i loved blading but my bey fire went out and now its restarted all u great bladers out there watch out cause noe IM here
I've been beyblading since year 3. That's 6 years now. But if you don't count serious blading, for that it has been 3 years. Since I join the WBO.
I started when i was 8. first bey was spin dragoon
8 years ago and somehow I got a dragoon mf as my first bey. Very straaaaaaange.
8-9 years i guess first bey was driger f sadly i lost it
Been Blading since 2003 so 8 Years of my life
ever since it was made XD
(Sep. 01, 2011  2:48 AM)BigBangMaster4D Wrote: [ -> ]ever since it was made XD
In NA that is
Hmm, let's see, I had a hasbro galzzly and Galeon, so relatively near when plastics came out in north America.
I played since then, even though not very frequently.
Now that I know from past pictures and stuff recently, I know I started in 2004.
I stated BLADING in 2004. Watching the show in 2002. I know that for sure.
6-8 Years Now... Beybladings Is A Passion, My Friend.
10 years, from the beginning.
Lol, 10 years isn't the beginning.
I've been blading since I was like 3 and I'm 12 in 3 weeks and I didn't really know how to do it so my parents had to put them together for me. Good times...
I have been blading from the past 6 years going to be 7 in a couple of days.
NVM delete please
Since I was 9
(Sep. 16, 2011  3:45 PM)darkbull9999 Wrote: [ -> ]I have been balding from the past 6 years going to be 7 in a couple of days.


Been blading for 5 years, but I took a year hiatus in 2008. My Draciel G is missing, and I really should have gotten that preassembled green MSUV from RBA2 that was being sold for the Rupee (not Zelda for any idiots out there, I mean the actual rupee from which LoZ based it off, the currency of India) equivalent of 10USD. ;_;
I'm not sure... I know I started as soon as MFB started in the U.S.A at the latest, and I had a few plastic beys, so I think I started at around 4-5 years old. Sadly, the only plastic beys I know of having were Salmalyon and M-Draciel (Unsure of full name, lost most parts of it minus base, most likely Master Draciel, but the bottom is a metal spikeis thing...).
Ever since the first episode aired in America.
Ahh, the good ole days...
I've been blading since the first Hasbro Beyblades were released in the UK (about a year and a bit)
I can remember going around argos and having a free beyblade battle...
I lost 2-0 to my dad Uncertain
I've been blading for about a year(i think)
I've been beyblading for 4 months now.
i've been blading for about 2 monthes which is wierd because i went to a toysrus tournement and beat at least ten people at once. one kid tryed to trade all his beys for my eagle.
I started blading a year and a few months ago when Metal Fusion came out in America
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