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Full Version: How long have you been blading?
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been a blader since Beyblade 1st hit the US. Plastic Generation is the best!
(Mar. 31, 2011  2:56 PM)BeyFan Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 31, 2011  1:05 PM)XXXBeYsTeAleR Wrote: [ -> ]Well right now i'm 11 and I start like blading in... 2006 so about 7 years =D
Ah, well...welcome to 2013, lol.

I was really into beyblades for about a year when the plastic gen came out. Completely left it and had all my beys given away. Returned to the hobby back in October 2010.

o.o I hate when i get caculations wrong okay wait then it was 5 years HA I WAS RIGHT!
I got plastics when i was like 4 or 5 and now im just getting back into beyblade and got the metals
well i got my first beyblade when i was around 7 then i lost it then i got back into it and i luved it since X-mas last year (i know not that long but it doesnt matter) because i got storm aquario my first BMF
It's in my bloodSerious(true):My sister started it and when MFB came out I decided to carry that on.
About 7 years here. Or whenever it came out Confused I was dead in it for a few years when it was only out in Japan and not in the USA, but with Metal Fight/ Fusion, it has renewed my hobby for beyblade. Grin
Ive been playing for 3 years.
5 or 6 or 7 yrs i think soo...
5 or 6 or 7 i think so...
(Mar. 31, 2011  6:06 PM)Electric Wrote: [ -> ]I really started when Plastics hit India, About 2002...

Then after a year or two, I got bored of it.

Till last year, I used to say it sucks, But then I realized how cool it is when MFB hit India, about 2010 August.

But for me, true blading began when I joined this place. That was January 28th.

I consider January 28th as my true Beyblading adventure start.

wel stories of both of us matches the difference is only that i never got bored of it until original episodes stopped coming on cn and that my joining date was different
Since the "S" series came out in england, I have no idea how long ago that was though.
have been blading for 7 years.
it was a nice experience to me.
I've been blading as long as I can remember, so around 2 years old maybe less. so I've been blading for 9 years
about 4-5 months? i don't really remember but it hasn't been long
Not very long, only like for two months. But for at least a half a month I was clueless to Beyblade, heck I was still putting my Beyblade on my launcher before putting in the ripcord, lol.
I started blading at the first release. That was around 2000 or 2001. Now I'm still blading. My very first beyblade was Cyber Dranzer, but I lost it.
i have been blading since the 1st grade and im 13 now
3 years
since the begging till the end
(Jun. 23, 2011  6:44 AM)Vanitas Wrote: [ -> ]since the begging till the end

Since 1999 ?
yes my nana has Japanese , Korean , Chines exchange students and when i fist meet this one guy he had lots of them and me and him played when ever i came over
I have been blading since beyblade was introduced in my country(2004 I guess) till now and maybe forever.
since it came out in america till now
I started beyblading since 3rd grade I was around the age 8 or 9.
I had some beys when I was a kid but only serious blading for about 8 months.
Iv been beyblade sence the first beyblades came out so probly for about 10 years or so. I miss the bladebreakers they should bring them back in metal masters for a few episodes or so.
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