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Posting once-in-a-while. Okay, so I made a tutorial on how to fix a Beylauncher a few months back, here it is! (WARNING: I wrote this when I was 12, and this only adresses problems with internal gears, so, sorry if this cannot fix your Beylauncher) If you look at the gear that the string is attached to, you will see a side with screws inserted. You don't have to unscrew those, they just hold the other end of the string.. On the side with the screws, you should see a small sign that tells you which way you wind the string. After winding the string, in the opposite side you should see a similar sign: this sing tells you which way to "screw" the side that looks like it could be screwed in with a - screwdriver. You're going to want to use that to screw the slit in the shown direction until you hear a slight clicking sound different from the rest (Remember, while doing this you have to make sure to keep the string wound). After doing that, look at the other half of the Beylauncher casing. There should be a hole that has a - slit. This is where the half that you just spent twisting should fit into. Carefully put the side with the screws in the half with the string in the square cut thing (Remember, do not let go of the screw, because it utilizes the same technology Engine Gears used). After that done, put the other gear in its respective place next to the first (remember not to let the first gear go, it retracts both ways). Hold the second gear in place, while you put both casings together. Then screw the Beylauncher together, but not so much that the string won't retract. If you did a good job (but mostly if I explained it well) the Beylauncher should work well (but you might hear weird noises when you use it, but it doesn't mean anything) & you can relax! If not, PM me & I'll edit this post/I'll PM you back with further details. This goes for any member who can't put back their Beylauncher.

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