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Country: Registration Date: Dec. 12, 2009 Birthday: Feb. 04, 1993 (29 years old)

name:karim(you say it as kareem)but people tend to call me kai because it's shorter and if you do this ya get kai : ka[r]i[m]. residence:i live in holland together with my family. hair colour:brown but people say it looks like black and it has a dark blue ish colour when wetting it and putting it in in the light(wierd thing though). colour eyes:brown skin colour:tan things i like:beyblade ,halo,kingdom hearts,flyff , dranzer and blue. things i hate:evil,irritation,people who get angry and cannot control themselves. additional info:i have a tendacy for tuxedos in blue and everything else in blue and i also really like this sentance wich i made :"infinity can never be defined because you cannot reach the end of it"i just keep thinking that if you were to need to discover if infinity has an end then that would mean a long adventure Pinching_grin.

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