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Dragoon Killerken is not a spin stealer 0.0
I'm sure he meant it the other way lol. If I can, I will.
Hell doesn't have Anti-Spin Steal capabilities It's just that Hell+BD145 (boost mode of course) has an impressive amount of LAD, and the part of BD145 that makes contact with the stadium floor is so wide that in some cases has more LAD than SA165 (from my informal testing)
That would explain it, that was something of what I'd assumed, but I mean there is really only two types of anti-spin steal though anyways grinding (like death) and really high lad.

(Sep. 01, 2013  4:07 AM)Switchblad3r Wrote: Dragoon Killerken is not a spin stealer 0.0

yeah, sorry about that, I'm a little tired and wasn't thinking about it too much
Been using MSF-H Killerken Dragooon FGrin for a while now and Im always winning when i play against my friends. can someone test out this combo for me, I saw a thread on diablo sorry for the spelling but why would you use f:d on that. Anyways my combo can spin steal and it has LAD and yes i know what lad is. when the bey spins on its side after being knocked down. but remember i have been using my f:d for a long time so maybe thats why im getting good results. I have tested this combo against the top tier combos right and left beys, my win rate is like 85% to 90% not bad. So can someone text this combo out ppl on here say that would but havent seen test yet.
p.s. I was in a hasbro stadium too
Your definition of LAD is not absolutely correct. For a better explanation, read this: -->
i have read that and yes thats what i said about lad just in a shorter way of words
the reason you were corrected is not only because you say it wrong (even if you knew that), is because if we all call them the right way, no one would use a wrong term when talking about them

the difference between LAD and precession is writing 7 words and losing a maximum of 2 seconds
let me see I would like someone to test Reviser Kraken A230mb vs. top tier stamina and balance customs I don't care how it does or how many people say it's going to fail I just want to see results.
Someone can test msf orojya orojya 160wd/bsf against sway attack/smash attack, sway def please in the attack type zero g stadium
Even though I doubt anybody will test this (isn't testing this worth wearing down your pretty genbulls and EWD? please? anybody?) might as well post it.

Genbull Genbull W145EWD/BWD:

Genbull^2: the classic stamina synchrome.
W145: to maximize stamina and this works well in Zero- g.
EWD/BWD: BWD has good stamina and good to resist sway (use against sway and attack) and
EWD is obviously for stamina (use against stamina and defence.)

versus duo Cygnus w145BWD, MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang SA165GF and reviser dragooon f230GCF.

EDIT: and if it proves to be good enough to make a thread feel free too, just give credit to me in the OP please.