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Country: United States Registration Date: Jun. 22, 2012 Birthday: May. 08, 1997 (26 years old)

Solstice Scimitar 4th :D 6/30/12 Beat the Summer Heat 1.0! 1st :D 8/19/12 Chaos Rising 2.0! 2nd! Sometime in late August :P Virginia Beach Blizzard Blast! 3rd! Kaboom!!!'s Khaotic Birthday Bash! 1st! 1/20/13 Beyblade Revolution VA Qualifier! Lost match before finals to a Dragooon noob... (4th) Clash Of The Blader Spirits! 1st! 5/25/13 Heh ;D Zero-G Infiltration 6/8/13 2nd! Beat The Summer Heat 2.0 6/29/13 1st! Back to the Dog Days of Slacking 8/31/13 3rd! Post Turkey Day Bey-Away!!! BB-10 11/30/13 2nd! Post Turkey Day Bey-Away!!! 0G 11/30/13 1st! Friday Night Blade Fight! BB-10 12/27/13 3rd! Friday Night Blade Fight! 0G 12/27/13 1st! F230 Free Battle Spree! BB-10 1st! F230 Free Battle Spree! 0G 3rd!

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