MF-H Phantom (Attack) Cancer/Cygnus 85RB

MF-H Phantom (Attack) Cancer/Cygnus 85RB

Haha, my first testing thread! This custom is designed to beat Attack customs by using their own recoil and Phantom's Attack power to cause them to lose their grip on the Stadium floor, allowing Phantom to KO extremely heavy customs it normally would lose horribly to. It is similar to Scythe Uranus 85RS, but does better against Stamina, though, unfortunately, not good enough to make it a viable anti-Stamina pick.

Parts choice:



I don't entirely trust my own abilities with Attack, and I don't have two Wyvangs or Genbull, so I'd like to see some other people try this out. Wink

Attack testing is what's most important; I'll do Defense testing later; all I've done with Defense has been informal, but fairly conclusively proved that this won't beat RDF or other Defense/Stamina hybrids.
I would love to see this in a video. Also, I would like to see some defense testing soon. It would really be great if, you did some tests with Wyvange Wyvange CH120/CH145/R2F.
Dude? Those were basically 2/4 testing he did. Plus he doesn't have two wyvangs. Can you do a video of how it does vs. stamina?
I'll do the Wyvang^2 AD145 R2F Smile And I will do tests VS Death Cancer W145 WD and anything else you'd like me to do Smile
Do you think, you could do some tests against a defense type? Thanks, DrPepsidew.
Absolutely, any preferences?
Could you try, Revizer Revizer E230 RS/RB thanks.
Just going to say, Phantom has nothing against E230. It will lose, guaranteed. BTW I will try to get a video as soon as I can. BTW Duo Stamina testing, especially with SA165, would be appreciated.
Please change the Track to a part like, GB145/AD145/BD145.
Ooooooh... must resist urge to TEST!!! Lips_sealed

This seems a bit srange... Phantom for defense? Lord knows that would be interesting. XD Can't wait for more testing...
Well 100% 10/10 against Revizer^2 E230 (Upper) RS. Reason being how sharp RS is, easy to topple over. All OS
VS Death Cancer W145 WD 50% Phantom: 6 KO 4 OS. Death: All OS
VS Wyvang^2 AD145 R2F 60% Phantom: 1 KO 12 OS. Wyvang^2: 8 KO
Thanks for the results DrPepsidew. Nice looking results.
Yay, we didn't get completely different results! woohooo my testing is valid!

I honestly expected Phantom wouldn't do as well against Attack when others tested it, but 60 percent against Wyvang isn't too shabby either.

I'll probably do Balro tests for comparison, and I may want to re-do the Wyvang tests now that my new RF is worn in; I'll also put in a benchmark.
HOLY SLUDGE BUCKETS!!! 60%??? Testing time. Wink

EDIT: Results!!!
Dude, I love this combo!! It is so nice to see something so fresh and unique after so long Grin

Thank you for explaining the launch; that's an interesting technique, and I'll need to try that from now on with any RB customs I goof around with.

The test results were pretty darn cool! Like TBD said, if I was looking for a pure Syncrom-defeating defense custom I'd still probably want to go with Scythe, but the fact that this can hold its own against non-attack customs too is a welcome sight.

I like your use of RB after hearing about your launch, but have you tried RSF (or CS, which it sounded like you wanted to do anyway)? Those tips aren't as agressive as RB (which might be a deal breaker), but they are noticeably shorter.

I'm looking forward to testing this out!! Awesome stuff bro Grin
I noticed that Phantom really only got KOed when it was already far out, too; an older, more aggro/flatter RB would probably do better, IDK. Still, it's an interesting combo! Smile

BTW I'm working on the video. I also think RSF might do well with this, because of the additional aggro movement; I also informally tried MB and that doesn't work well at all... it got KOed really, really easily.

EDIT: ah lol hi Ingulit

I tried CS, but unfortunately CS doesn't have the Defense power to properly resist KOs; however, it did much better at avoiding attacks and KOing Stamina. I actually have testing on CS, too.

And, unfortunately, I don't have RSF... I have a friend with three though lol I'll see if I can trade for one.
This combo is really good. I would like to see the RSF tests It might be interesting to see. Yes, a video would be great! Also i would like to try one more attack combo if that's ok with you?

EDIT: Please try trade I would love to see RSF on this combo.
I have become obsessed with this combo...
I agree with Striker Phantom, I absolutely love this combo right now.

I shall have tests up for you soon!
I've used this combo myself in the past. It's very nice for balance, but it's utterly crushed by left spin. RB is aggro enough to get something like Phantom stamina out of the arena, but not nearly enough to handle left-spin. Duo can also put up a very nice fight.

It acts like a defensive hybrid, as I'm sure many have noticed here with testing. I personally prefer Scythe because it has less recoil and better defense to counter what really hits hardest. Very nice tests though. Smile
Wow, this combo seems pretty viable! I wish I had an RB to test this :\.

I tried MB, and it got KOed very easily. I tried RSF and I really liked it. It did better with RSF than RS and CS from what I tested.
(Sep. 30, 2013  8:59 PM)Tri Wrote: Wow, this combo seems pretty viable! I wish I had an RB to test this :\.

I tried MB, and it got KOed very easily. I tried RSF and I really liked it. It did better with RSF than RS and CS from what I tested.

RS has less surface area than RSF, and because the combo has to be launched into a reverse bank, RS won't work so good...MB, despite having heavy weight, has too little friction. CS doesn't have much friction, yeah.
RSF is the best alternative to RB; RS doesn't have aggro motion and gets destabilized way too easily; CS would work beautifully if it had more Defense, but it doesn't. Unhappy
Striker Phantom,

I know ...

I was testing it on other bottoms to see if I got similar results ...
Try testing against destabilizers.