MF-H Phantom (Attack) Cancer/Cygnus 85RB

You mean like Genbull Genbull E230CS?
You can try(for a destabalizer) Girago Genbull E230 MB or Saramanda Saramanda E230 __(cs will work)
(Oct. 06, 2013  2:33 PM)Kyler_the best Wrote: You can try(for a destabalizer) Girago Genbull E230 MB or Saramanda Saramanda E230 __(cs will work)

I was thinking about that. Yeah, go for destabilizers. By the way, is SP230 a destabilizer?
There aren't any "destabilizers" as far as I'm aware, and we need to be careful about calling customs that at risk of getting into nickname territory. Just call customs by their proper name.
(Sep. 21, 2013  3:07 AM)theblackdragon Wrote:
Girago Genbull E230MB

Hey guys! Smile Now that I've finally gotten a decent rubber attack bottom and a good launcher on my hands, welcome to my 10th testing thread! DOUBLE DIGITS!!! W00T W00T! XD

Aaaaaanywho, hope you like it! Joyful_3

The concept:

The launch:

Parts choice:

Testing videos:



This combo is pretty versatile against right-spin combos, and it's a really fun, interesting combo to use if you like to literally grind your opponent into submission. Tongue_out It has its advantages over certain conventional stamina types, and although it does, like all combos, have its disadvantages, I'd say that, if you know the launch right, this would be a cool pick during a stalling clause. Wink

Thanks for reading! Grin

Open up the "the concept" spoiler. Wink

There's been some discussion about E230's use as a destabilizer; it really does work!

Check the E230 thread for more testing and discussion Smile

Also, SP230 would probably not work as a destabilizer; E230's sliding gimmick is important to the destabilizing effect.
I feel like there are some flaws in this combo, that I believe can be fixed.
1. IIRC, Phantom is 50 grams, which is probably why it has such a hard time against Wyvang, as shown in theblackdragon's tests.

2.I can understand if Phantom was your choice, but if I had Phantom, I would have chosen something else.

In my taste, I would've chosen Genbull Girago, or maybe Killerken Dragooon, not because I don't like Phantom, but because then it would more likely be able to take out attack, stamina, and maybe even defense combos as well, and would also be immune to spin stealers. Maybe Genbull Wyvang...

I'm just sayin.

But if you want to use Phantom, then be my guest.
Actually, these tests are amazing for a Defense Type against Wyvang. The only other thing that gets good results(ties) is Girago*2 BD145RF. Genbull Girago would get destroyed and don't get me started on Killerken Dragooon. This is a Defense combo. Just sayin.
Where are the tests?! I obviously wasn't looking
Look at the OP and first page Tongue_out

I didn't choose a Synchrom or Duo because Synchromes are too thick/tall, and Duo overhangs too much for my liking; also Duo can't do a thing against Stamina, since it has zero Attack.

EDIT: theblackdragon's testing gave this 40%, but he said to disregard the OSes. Thus, taking that into account, Phantom got 14/17 wins, or 82.4%.

EDIT2: Oh, and Phantom is 42.6g, plus a 3.3g Cancer wheel for a total of 45.9g.