BB-46 Balance Stadium Combo Testing Thread

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Hello there, are you a beyblader that has recently bought a BB-46, or a red stadium that seemed cheap?

Well, here is one thing, the WBO normarly doesn't accept tests done in the BB-46, but however, there are certain threads, like the Hasbro Metagame Stadium & Combo Testing 2! Updates!! Thread that allow tests to be done with ONLY Hasbro parts(which would be great if you always by Hasbro beys) and ONLY certain Hasbro Stadium.

So, if you have recenlty bought a BB-46, or have always played in a BB-46, and want to show the WBO some cool combos that have been tested in the BB-46, then post all of your test results here!

Tests, as said before, should only be tested in the BB-46.
Hasbro, Takara Tomy, or Sonokong parts can be used, but not fake parts, which include parts from companys such as Rapidity.
The launchers that are to be used are:
The Rev-Up Launcher
The Normal String Launcer
The Beylauncher L/R
The Zero-G Compact Launcher
The Light Launcher 2
The Zero-G Light Launcher
though if you don't have any of those launchers, then you may use a Hasbro Ripcord Launcher, but be sure to ask someone who does have the other aforementioned launchers AND a BB-46 to do some tests for you.

Hrm. This could prove rather interesting.

The one thing I will say is that I'm a huge fan of the quality of this stadium. Much less cheap feeling than the BB-10, though I do like the performance better in a BB-10.
Thank you for putting this thread up! I'll be sure to post some tests at some point!
It has no Tornado Ridge though, hah.
No Attackers Uncertain. My first tournament with the Balance Stadium is more like Hell Stock.
I wouldn't say it's too hard if you have practice, but it does take practice
Do you think I should do a Super Attack Type Thread?

SaintBlader: Post your Thermal Giraffe 105HF tests here. By the way, I like the combo.
Okay, I will. And thanks!

Edit: Here are the tests

Super Attack Type destroys everything, seriously. Don't.
SaintBlader: Good, now everybody will stop trashing you because you used a BB-46 Smile.

Kujikato: OK, man.
tons of testing before I got a BB-10.
I am so glad that someone made a forum about testing in the BB-46. Thanks so much!!