My Earrings

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these are some earings I made awhile ago I sold a few but I still have some for sale here's the pics
so what do you think? btw the yellow ones are $5 the rest are $10
It's better than those African ones that split your earlobes. They look nice but need more color.
thanks for the Feedback OwnageDerp more hmmm I could try getting differnt colored ropes lke neon pink I think that would look smexy Smile
Using washers on an earring, awesome, haha. They seem pretty cool, although I'm not a jewelry wearer considering I'm a guy, haha. They could use some color as said above.
oke-dokey and thanks for the positive feedback Tri Grin oh and about color I might make some new one's or maybe new jewlrey after I get the money to buy knew matierals XD
If I wore earrings more often I'd buy the light blue onesJoyful_3 but I rarely wear them because it makes me feel girly!XD
ok if your ever interested in buying one just PM me Smile oh and btw I won't be able to do anything different with the earrings until I get the money to buy more matireals...
Are those elastic bands for the first three? And those metal bolt things, jeesh wouldn't they weigh you down hahaha.
the first three a colored rubber bands with 6 nuts on them (3 in each side) I don't hink the nuts would weigh you down that much....
so good news I was able to recover my etsy account where I'm selling my earrings here's my etsy shop