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This is a rough draft for an anti attack article on beywiki

Definition Of Anti-Attack
Anti-Attack is a combination of attack and defence usually composed of a low-recoil defence wheel on an aggressive setup. The wide weight distribution and low-center of gravity of the combo, which is supported by tracks such as BD145. Helps the combo hit an attack type beyblade without being KO'D due to it being heavy thanks to MW's such as Diablo and Sycnhromes such as Girago Girago, and the low-center of gravity making the combo sturdy, and the wide weight distribution from a track such as BD145, giving it extra speed and smash accompanied by an aggressive tip such as LRF RF or R2F.

Use Of Anti-Attack Combo's
Anti-Attacks main use is nullifying attack type beyblades hence the name *Anti*-attack. However MW's such as Diablo and synchromes such as Girago Girago have shown to be able to KO pure Stamina combo's (i.e Duo Cancer W145WD) which is one of the reasons it's on the Tier-List and still slightly popular. However the main reason is that Diablo can get up to 60% in testing against Wyvang^2 and 70-80% against flash which is very impressive considering that Flash and Wyvang^2 are attack powerhouses and Girago^2 has been able to get results as high as 95%!.

So as a conclusion Anti-Attack is very useful and popular in today's meta mostly Canada due to the fact that attack is used frequently there. And it can KO some of the Stamina meta which very large in today's meta increasing the popularity and usefulness of anti-attack.

So far the best top-tier combo's for Anti-Attack are MF-H Diablo Kerbecs/Unicorno II BD145RF/R2F/LRF and MSF-L Girago Girago BD145RF. They both excel greatly in anti-attack nullifying today's attack meta, and effectively defeating some of today's stamina meta.
Flash does not actually dominate tournaments ... Barely any people use Attack types in events.
ok i'll edit that
There are numerous flaws in your draft, including :

- Attack was used a lot before Flash, especially when Libra was banned, as there were no true defense setups. Have you ever heard of Meteo L Drago CH120XF, Lighting L Drago BD145LRF, etc.? These customs dominated the game.
- Synchromes have lots of recoil, it is only controlled because of their heavy weight.
- Diablo and Basalt are on par IMO.
- Nobody uses Rex or GB145 for Anti-Attack. A common Anti-Attack combo is MF-H Diablo Kerbecs/Unicorno II BD145RF/R2F.
-You can also use TR145 on the Basalt combo.
- Flash was released after Diablo, so Flash was never unstoppable.
- While Anti-Attack places every now and then, the release of much more powerful Attack Synchromes such as Wyvang Wyvang have stopped common Anti-Attack customs.
I did some more editing
Seems like a good post, though will never use Anti Attack beyblades because with having fast movement and heavy weight, it's only gonna spin for 50 seconds. A good example would be Flash Scorpio W145MF vs Basalt Nemesis BD145R2F. Well, this is just my opinion.
No offense man, but your definition of anti-attack is kinda... well, off. Unhappy

really long definition of anti attack that you might not want to read Tongue_out

EDIT: There is no mention of anti-attack types on the defense article on Beywiki. :\ I don't know if it should be updated with a reference to anti-attack (since the meta has evolved significantly since it was written), or if it actually should have its own article. You should ask about that. Smile
i pm'd kai-v and she said post go ahead, and post a rough draft in the beywiki project forum
Reading the first two sentences, it already isn't that good. You talk about recoil like it is good. If there was a heavy, low recoil, high smash MW that was ever released, you can bet we'd use it for anti-attack! Unfortunately, recoil is generally an undesired trait in all attackers.
(Jul. 24, 2013  6:18 PM)theblackdragon Wrote: And anti-attack type is a beyblade usually composed of a low recoil wheel/heavy attack wheel
If you wright it like that then it makes flash sound perfect for it but flash is used for attack yet flash is a low recoil high smash wheel
Honestly if this had merited an article I would've written one ages ago, never even realized it need one...

Flash is definitely not 'low recoil' though, especially since it has very powerful smash.
For Basalt, R145, TR145 and in some cases BD145 all work.

I can edit later if needed but eh life
Does anybody really succeed with Basalt as an anti-attacker anymore? It is really light and gets killed by Left Spin. Pretty much any synchrome with RF is a better anti-attacker than Basalt so idk why people keep suggesting it for Anti-Attack.
Basalt still shows excellent results against Flash (70-80%), though I have yet to test against Synchroms because I don't have any that are suited for attack.
Apologies, but spelling & syntax corrections are as follows.

(Jul. 24, 2013  2:06 PM)Lazer Wrote: Anti attack is combination of attack and defence used to defeat attack. Anti attack is basically putting a heavy defence wheel on an aggressive setup. The speed of the bey combined with the heaviness of it is used to KO attack types. Anti attack wasn't used much until the release of flash even though attack types were used they fell into disuse with the release of basalt and were nullified by Duo, even blitz and vari-ares had trouble with duo. Also Anti attack has trouble with defence as zero-g syncrom's are heavy enough to stay in and even though the syncroms have high recoil they're heavy enough so that recoil isn't a big problem. So far the best wheels for anti attack are diablo and basalt. Both are on par and it really comes down to personal choice when deciding which to use. A common anti attack combo is MF-H Diablo Kerbecs/Unicorno II BD145R2F and a good basalt combo is MF-H Basalt Horogium TR145RF. Once flash was released it was doing well until anti attack was used, stopping flash in it's tracks. Thus, Anti attack is still used and is doing well in tournaments thanks to flash. However Wyvang Wyvang is defeating anti attack combos, so anti attack only wins sometimes and is not a reliable choice as anti attack has many weaknesses.

Bold indicates spelling and underlined indicates grammar.
Ok article, but to improve, I can suggest splitting the block of text up into paragraphs and making some sort of structure in the article. Introduction/Conclusions are very important to convey information, almost as much as the main body.
Doing that will improve the quality of the article.
You could also add a section giving a sample anti attack combo.
Plus testing evidence is required to prove your point.
That's all I can say, for I am no pro at wiki articles. Good luck mate! Grin
(Jul. 25, 2013  12:27 PM)Lazer Wrote:
(Jul. 24, 2013  6:18 PM)theblackdragon Wrote: And anti-attack type is a beyblade usually composed of a low recoil wheel/heavy attack wheel
If you wright it like that then it makes flash sound perfect for it but flash is used for attack yet flash is a low recoil high smash wheel

Flash is actually a very, very light wheel in the face of synchromes and Diablo... it's the lightest attack wheel that's even useful anymore. Plus, flash does have signinficantly higher recoil than Diablo, Basalt, or Girago, which are really the most effective anti-attack wheels.

It's not that the article was necessarily bad, you just need a little more up-to-date info Smile
I never knew Flash had any recoil! Is it because of the oval shape?
(Aug. 01, 2013  5:21 PM)nupmuk Wrote: I never knew Flash had any recoil! Is it because of the oval shape?

Everything has recoil... Flash has a relatively lower overall weight than most competitive wheels nowadays, and that significantly adds to its recoil.

Diablo is used frequently because it has less overall recoil than flash (mostly due to its weight), and flash has a serious problem with OSing heavier attack wheels because of its shape, whereas wheels like Girago and Diablo have great synergy with BD145 and don't have much of a problem with out-spinning most of the attack meta. Smile

I apologize if this isn't the appropriate time or place to post this, I'm kinda new to this whole thing, but:

Quote:Definition of anti-attack: An anti-attack type is a beyblade usually composed of a low recoil wheel placed on an aggressive track-bottom setup with a low center of gravity, and overall wide weight distribution used as an alternative to conventional defense for consistently OS/KOing top-tier attack types

Purpose of an anti-attack beyblade: An anti-attack combination aims to meet and withstand its opponent's attacks by utilizing an aggressive movement pattern, as opposed to the traditional defense type's stationary stance. This requires many specific elements, IE. traction, friction, heavy weight, wide weight distribution, etc.

Advantage of anti-attack over attack in a match:

The advantage anti-attack types have over attack types, is that they can trade smash for lower recoil/ higher stamina without becoming ineffective, as an attack type would (hence the use of tracks like BD145).

For instance, Basalt Kerbecs BD145RF (anti-attack type) has pretty much no use against stamina types, as attack types do, even though its movement pattern is pretty aggressive and fast. This way, it eliminates the attack type's advantage of speed, while still maintaining very low recoil and (if it's built right) higher stamina than its opponent.

The aim of an anti-attack type is not primarily to KO an attack type (although that is an advantage they can have over traditional defensive customs), it's just a different style of withstanding attacks from the opposing beyblade.

Composition of an anti-attack beyblade:

Anti-attackers usually aim for a heavier weight than their opponent, so an MF-H/L, or MSF-H/L will usually boost its performance.

The Chrome wheel/Metal-Clear Wheel combination of an anti attack-type must, first an foremost, have significantly less recoil than than the primary attack wheels used in its metagame. An anti-attack wheel should also preferably have properties that allow it to easily OS traditional attack wheels. Girago and Diablo, having the ability to drain the spin of their opponents on contact, are an excellent example of this. Other wheels, such as Basalt, rely simply on stamina and low rotational recoil to OS the opposing attacker.

The track is usually a prominent component in giving the anti-attacker an advantage in a head-on collision with an attack type, such as BD145 with its wide weight distribution/overall weight/lower center of gravity, which significantly reduces the combo's recoil

The bottom of an anti-attack beyblade must provide the combo with 1) an aggressive movement pattern 2) relatively high speed (although not necessarily as high as the opposing attacker), and 3) High traction and friction (or grip with the stadium floor).

Overall components of a good anti-attack beyblade:

1) Relatively heavy overall weight (although extremely low recoil can substitute for this in most cases)
2) Wide, even weight distribution
3) Aggressive movement pattern
4) High traction/friction (grip on the stadium floor)
5) Overall low recoil
6) The ability to consistently OS current top-tier attack types

A combination that excels in these categories will perform very effectively as an anti-attack beyblade.

Some examples of effective anti-attack beyblades:

MF-H Basalt Horogium/Kerbecs TR145/R145RF/R2F
MF-H Diablo Kerbecs/Unicorno II BD145RF/R2F
MSF-L Girago Girago BD145RF/R2F
sorry for not responding for like 4 days I'm on vacation i'll do more editing tommorow. btw I own basalt and flash and read all of the flash discussion thread twice
Also maybe you could give some examples of anti-attackers like girago2.
what inprovements should I make now Note:I'll have to do them tomorrow because I have to go to bed now
(Aug. 05, 2013  3:40 AM)Lazer Wrote: what inprovements should I make now Note:I'll have to do them tomorrow because I have to go to bed now

Well, it would be a LOT. :\

I hope you don't take that the wrong way... Unhappy Super duper sorry if I offended you. Read around the site a bit and see what more you can learn about the game! Maybe guys like me will be reading your articles someday! Wink

Now, if my level of knowledge qualifies me for something like this, I would like to humbly suggest the draft a couple posts above... if anyone thinks there should be an anti-attack article, that is. XD
I have basalt didn't you see it in my sig and I have lrf I also have a friend who let me borrow his diablo and I used to have rf but I traded it
Regardless, you're missing the point here.
(Aug. 06, 2013  7:54 PM)Lazer Wrote: I have basalt didn't you see it in my sig and I have lrf I also have a friend who let me borrow his diablo and I used to have rf but I traded it

LRF is only tier 2 for anti-attack, you don't own Diablo, and you didn't own LRF when you wrote the article either. From my understanding, you just got it today or yesterday.

Sorry about not seeing twisted, I was looking for a "B" at the beginning Tongue_out.

Anyway, even now all you can build is Basalt TR145LRF, which is decent, but still not tier-1 material. Plus, that doesn't change the fact that you don't own BB-10 stadium or a launcher grip, so you can't perform standard procedure testing... on top of that, you can't even build any half-decent attackers to test against anyway, as you don't own more than 1 okay attack tip.

No offense or anything, I don't have anything against you, nor am I claiming to be knowledgeable enough for the job, it's just that you don't really have the resources to be writing something like this. :\
ok I get your point now before I make something like this I need to get a BB:10 Launcher grip Better anti attack parts and an rf and r2f and have some more expireince