MF-F Phantom Cygnus E230 (Lower Mode) CF

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MF-F Phantom Cygnus E230 (Lower Mode)CF

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BB:10 Attack Type Stadium
Beylauncher L/R
3-Segment Grip
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So what do you guys think? I need some tests against Dragooon and some tests against Phantom W145WD Grin the attack tests where really surprising FO would get in front of PC which gave PC the opportunity to KO which is where those 3 KO'S came from and when they both settled down PC always OS'D with plenty of rotations left I also need soem tests against Wyvang Dragooon SA165R2F and Wyvang Wyvang GB145R2F but mostley Balro Balro CH120MF an spin steal Grin I'll do more tests later I'm a bit busy right now XD
Try it against duo ___ bearing drive and what mode is phantom in, stamina I presume?
yes it;s in stamina mode and I did test it against DUo althougn I'll have to do BD tommorow GTG wont be online again till tommorrow morning Unhappy so uh psot in here and make speculations and don tests!
I like CF/GCF for tornado stalling... with Phantom I would suspect a great performance. I'll try to get some testing up later.
@TheBlackDragon can you test against Dragooon please?
I will do some tests against Wyvang Wyvang S130RF
okay more tests will be awesome Grin anyway I need some tests against Phantom W145WD and Reviser Killerken BD145CS to make see what results other people get Grin oh and MF-L Phantom Cygnus 85MF would also be helpful to test against Grin oh and I noticed that this combo depends on the launch more then anything if CF'S circle isn't scraping the Tornado Ridge while circiling the eniter way round or it's only touching certain parts of the Tornado ridge then it's doomed unless your going against Flash W145MF XD
So my friend let me borrow his TT phantom so now I can do tests agaisnt Phantom Grin oh and I'm goign to do tests against Flash Orion MF-H of course S130R2F right now Tongue_outB

EDIT: any reqeuts?
sorry for triple posting but here are the tests against Phantom W145WD
MF-F Phantom Cygnus E230 (Lower Mode) CF (MF-F PC) vs. Phantom Cygnus W145WD (PC)
Phantom Swapped every 5 rounds MF-F PC launched first launches alternated Same equipment used in the OP
PC: 0/10
MF-F PC: 10/10 (7 OS 3 KO'S)
I stopped at 10 because no matter what happened when CF calmed down at the end of the battle E230 destabilized Phantom and then was stationary spinning while phantom W145WD went around in circles close to E230 occasionally hitting it of balance draining it's stamina until it falls over while Phantom E230CF is stil spinning.... I'm doing tests against Flash now S130R2F tests of course I'll ad this test to the OP Tongue_outB
You want me to test against attack?
yes prefarably Balro Balro CH120MF and Wyvang Wyvang GB145R2F and against Dragooon B: D

EDIT: Here's the tests against flash S130R2F
MF-F Phantom Cygnus E230 (Lower Mode) CF (PC) vs. MF-H Flash Orion S130R2F (FO) PC always launched first sliding shot use with FO worn R2F
FO: 1/10 (All KO)
PC: 9/10 (8 OS 2 KO)
1-Tie Redone

I stopped at 10 so because I didn't want to increase the wear of my R2F anymore anyway the thing here wasn't the fact that my R2F is worn it's the fact that CF was too fast for R2F Flash couldn't even touch it CF would avoid Flash and every time Flash made contact while in the flower patter it was with E230 the one KO from both was when either Flash was in the flower patter and Phantom hit it right when R2F grabbed the tornado ridge and it was too close to the exit or when Flash caught Phantom when it was titled near the exit and smashed it out XD
It looks great, try it against Dragooon F230, this combo has edge...
thanks Grin oh and I don't have Dragooon or F230 Unhappy
This is quite an interesting combo. I actually tried this out before with GCF, and it wasn't too bad. It had the ability to OS even F230 a few times (but not as much as I would like) and, even was able to beat Duo Cancer W145WD, consistently. Did a little bit of testing for you, so check it out.

Next, I wanted to test it out against Wyvang Dragooon, so here are the tests for that:

I see potential in this, but if more testing could be done with it, than we could definitely see if it would be alright to use in a competitive tournament.

Great job on your first testing thread, just make sure to make it a little more organized, so it'll be precise and clean for everyone to read.
Thanks a lot LMAO that was really helpful Grin yeah my R2F is worn I don't have RF and I can't figure out how to launch the way you do when you hold the handle with your first three or 2 fingers including your thumb and do sliding shot XD I can do it perfect with a stamina or defence type of course I launched so powerful that way that my B: D was so aggressive it almost touched the tornado ridge XD and where your results against Phantom anD Duo W145WD anywhere close to mine? I got 65% against Duo but 100% against Phantom
There is potential in this combo, any test requests?
I'd suggest something like Genbull Dragooon F230CF.
yeah I need tests against Spin-Steal oh and LMAO I'll add your tests to the OP Tongue_out
(Nov. 03, 2013  3:29 PM)Lazer Wrote: yeah I need tests against Spin-Steal oh and LMAO I'll add your tests to the OP Tongue_out

I'll test it against some Dragooon combos for you!Smile
great Grin I need it against Dragooon B: D and Dragooon SA165EWD Tongue_out
(Nov. 03, 2013  3:38 PM)Lazer Wrote: great Grin I need it against Dragooon B: D and Dragooon SA165EWD Tongue_out

Ok I'll test it against Reviser Dragooon BGrin, I can't test it against an SA165EWD combo, I don't have an EWDUnhappy
okay then just do Reviser Dragooon BGrin Tongue_out ohand I still have my friends Phantom have to give it back tonight so I'll do tests against Phantom Cygnus 85MF Tongue_out actually I'lll use MF-L and I;ll use a normal facebolt on PC Tongue_out but I won't have them up till 2 days same as me and ryukiba's and everyone else's BOB on my youtube channel thread but I'll do all of that before I give back my Phantom Tongue_out
Your combo (PC) VS Wyvang^2 GB145 R2F
PC 3 wins (All OS) 17 losses
WE 17 wins (All KO) 3 losses
Phantom Cancer win rate: 15%
yeah I guess defeating attack isn't it's strong point XD anyway here's the tests against MF-L Phantom Cygnus 85MF
Phantom Cygnus E230 (Lower Mode) CF (PC) vs. MF-L Phantom (Attack Mode) Cygnus 85MF (PCA)
PC launched first launches alternated Phantoms and Cygnus's Swapped every 5 rounds
PC: 14/20 (9 OS 5 KO)
PCA: 6/20 (All OS)
2-Ties Redone
PC Win Percentage~70%

EDIT: added me and DrPepsidew's tests to the OP and fixed the issues with the whole spoiler thing in the OP Grin
Wouldn't this combo be a little better if you replace E230 with F230?
Oh goodness no... You'd be KOed by the wind. XD

If I'm not mistaken, this is an attempt at a tornado staller that can avoid being KOed by heavy attackers. F230 wouldn't really help that very much at all.