WBO 5th Anniversary! Hooray!

Merry day World Bladers!

It may be really frosty for most of us, but nothing is going to stop our thrive in Beyblade!

4 generations of Beyblades later,

1 North American Championship later,

85,000 Members later... !

On this very day, we can celebrate our 5th WBO Anniversary!!

This year, what we've prepared for you is packed to the brink!

Scavenger Hunt

Oh yes, it's back with a twist!

This year, there are more goals you can achieve, but you've only got one chance to answer each question, so make sure you do your research well before submitting your response to Kai-V!
  • Host or participate in at least one approved tournament (4 Points)
  • Get four of your referrals to Like the official WBO Facebook Page (2 Points)
  • Earn four (new) valid referrals and have them sign up on the BeyMap where they live (3 Points)
  • Get a photograph of at least four people playing Beyblade, with a big sign saying "Happy Anniversary WBO! " (3 Points)
  • Share a Beywiki article (requires proof such as a screenshot) (1 Point)
  • Share a BeyChannel video (requires proof such as screenshot) (1 Point)
  • Receive an additional, new Face (2 Points)
  • Be the first to find the "____ Face" hidden around the site each week (2 Points)
  • Post an entry in the "Face Contest: Design a new Beyblade series!" (2 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What time is it?" (We're looking for a numerical answer, Beyblade-related.) (1 Point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Which Beyblade name did Sonokong dub in Metal Fight Beyblade?" (1 Point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org!: Adorning the brilliant tree were an assortment of parts and from all generations. Name them all! (2 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org!: "THE WINNER IS..." (1 Point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org!: How many countries have participated and been processed in the BeyPoint System? (1 Point)
  • Upload a video to Youtube discussing what you like the most about the World Beyblade Organization (2 Points)
  • If you participate in a "Limited Format" tournament (see below for more details!), post your about your experience and thoughts on the new format on the WBO. Be thorough. You can post here. (1 Point)
  • Upload a video to Youtube showing your experience at an Official WBO Organized Play Event and post it on the WBO and share it on social media (requires proof such as a screenshot, minimum length: 2 minutes). (3 Points)
  • Upload a video to Youtube showcasing a complete BeyBattle from an Official WBO Organized Play Event with commentary from you/players regarding the match-up/outcome on the video or in the post. Post it on the WBO and share it on social media (requires proof such as a screenshot). (3 Points)
  • Upload an album of photos from a Official WBO Organized Play Event and post them on the WBO in the appropriate tournament thread. Example. (1 Point)
  • Submit a BeyChannel-ready tournament video to the WBO. Details on how to do so can be found here (Limit: one video per tournament. If you collaborate with another member in editing/shooting footage, we can potentially split the points and award two to each member). (4 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Which two Beyblades were at the head of the revolution?" (1 Point)
  • Contribute to the Beywiki Project of the Moment: Photograph all those boxes and put them away for good! with photographs of at least 5 boxes (2 Points)

The first hidden Face this week is Beelzebub! [Image: belzeebface.png] (Good job to *Ginga* for finding this one!)

The second Face to find is [Image: shininggodface.png]! This site is large, where could this Face be?! If you find it first, post the answer here!

Unlike last year's Scavenger Hunt, not only do you only get one chance for each goal, but you won't be told whether you completed the goal yet, and we won't post a scoreboard! That way, the leaders will remain a mystery until the very end! Oooh!

We'll also be very vigilant about cheating, since it happened a lot last year unfortunately. More goals may be added along the way though, so keep checking this topic during the month!

Scavenger Hunt Prizes

  • 1st Place: Legend Beyblade Set + Face Booster VIVID

  • 2nd Place: Phantom Orion BGrin Skeleton Ver + BEYBLADE: Evolution or MFB 4D X Zero-G Ultimate Tournament for Nintendo 3DS + Face Booster VIVID

  • 3rd-4th Place: BEYBLADE: Evolution for Nintendo 3DS + BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F + Face Booster VIVID

  • 5th-6th Place: BBG-24 or BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set + Face Booster VIVID

[Image: 09me.png]

This battle set has been graciously donated by Hasbro! Thank you for your support!
  • 7th Place: BEYWARRIORS Octagon Showdown Battle Set + Face Booster VIVID
  • 8th-12th Place: ZERO-G Booster of your choice
  • 13th-20th Place: BBG-14 Metal Stone Face Flame Red or BBG-15 Metal Stone Face Ocean Blue

On top of that, each participant who was able to reach at least 3 points will automatically receive the Anniversary Face 2013 [Image: 2p1y.png]!

The very-limited Face Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png] is also back, and it's exclusive to this Scavenger Hunt! You can exchange 8 points in order to obtain it, so work hard!

If you don't get up to 8 points, or if you don't have exactly 16 points to get two Face Boosters VIVD, don't worry, you could also redeem your points for other Face Boosters at different costs!

These Face Boosters will cost 6 points each.
And these, 5 points each:

The Scavenger Hunt will last only until January 4th 2014!! Spend the most of your winter holidays, it's the right time of the year!

The Game is in the Name

Hey, this would be a good occasion to...

Reintroduce the ability to change your username! Indeed, from now on, we caught up so much with the BeyPoint Queue that it's fine to allow everyone to change usernames as they wish once every 30 days.

Your best memories of the WBO!

If you can't make a video for the Scavenger Hunt describing what you like about the World Beyblade Organization, we'd still like to hear your thoughts about our history! We've come up with a list of trivial questions you can fill out in this topic, which might take you way down the memory trail and make you laugh, small warmly, or make you happy that times have changed at least!
  • Your best day on the WBO:
  • The best year for the WBO in your opinion:
  • Your time spent on the WBO:
  • Your best tournament you hosted:
  • Your best tournament you participated in:
  • The two Bladers you'd want to see Beybattle the most:
  • Your favorite WBO Member:
  • Your favorite post on the WBO:
  • Your favorite announcement:
  • Your favorite news posted (Beyblade-related or anything else):
  • The post you find funniest:
  • Your saddest moment on the WBO:
  • The occasion you spent the most time on the WBO:
  • Your favorite thing about the WBO:
  • Alternatively, your favorite concrete feature about the WBO:
  • Where you think the WBO will be in one year:
  • The WBO Member you'd like to hang out with:
  • The WBO Member you'd like to play video games with:
  • The WBO Member you'd like to blade with:
  • The WBO Member you'd like to really collaborate with:
  • The combination from a WBO Member you appreciated the most:
  • The collaboration with a specialist or with a company you liked the most:

Of course, elaborate as much as possible, it'll be appreciated!

We're really curious to see what you think!

Face Contest: Design a new Beyblade series!

Aww yeah!! It's been years but we're bringing it back, especially with the advent of a new Beyblade system or series upon us in the future!

The goal is to innovate with Beyblades, just like what TAKARA-TOMY did between Plastics and HMS, and then between HMS onto Metal Fight Beyblade and all the systems the latter series included! It has to be as realistic as possible, in the same vein as what TAKARA-TOMY would really invent next, while still bringing Beyblade to a whole new level!

You can find out more about this Face Contest and post your own entry right here:


Road to the Half-Thousand Events!

Hey, tournaments come and go all the time, leaving us with enjoyable experiences even if we face bitter defeats, but have you actually stopped to think how many the World Beyblade Organization has had since its existence as Beywiki?

Could you actually believe that we almost have 500 events in our history?! And we all have a part in this major milestones! Can you imagine all the time, sweat, money, and overall dedication we've all contributed to make this a reality? Guys, we all have to take a minute off to realise what an exploit this is, especially for a non-profit organisation like us.

We are officially at about 461 tournaments, which means we only have 39 events left before reaching 500!

We can definitely do it in the next year, but let's try achieving this goal in just a few months!

To help speed up the numbers, we've prepared a few activities to help along the way of this campaign!

Weekly Prizes

That's right: for every weekend on which two events are held in two different regions, a prize will be given away randomly among the participants of those tournaments! Since they're dependant on the number of weekends that fulfill this condition, they'll only be revealed once one can be given out! Don't worry though, they're swag!

But that's so not all: we're also introducing brand new Stone Face Boosters which will be available in advance! If there are two events per weekend, two Stone Face Boosters will be given for each tournament, not just one per tournament!

You'll have to wait for someone to obtain these insanely rare Faces first before they can be revealed to the world. Wink

Actually, guess what: if there are three events per weekend, we're ready to increase the numbers and give three Stone Face Boosters per tournament/region! Oh yesss!

The Stone Face Boosters will not be openly available until after the anniversary celebrations have concluded, so take advantage of the opportunity to get these awesome new Faces before anyone else!

Free entry from December 14th to December 22nd!

Yep, the entry fee will be waived during those two dates, in hopes of making extra Bladers come out of their house to participate in a tournament! You can still buy a Blader Passport if you wish, in prevision for the future events in the upcoming months, but otherwise you can just walk in during that period, register and play, simple as that!

Your Achievements, Now Featured!

Ever since our beginning, one of the cool features of the World Beyblade Organization has been its Face Collection, created by Bey Brad! All year long, each of you work your Bottom off trying to receive one of those prized rewards, and it's already a huge achievement to get it in your rows of Faces in your profile, next to your posts, but you'll now be featured!

Indeed, we've added a box on the side of the index, below the Upcoming Events box, to promote the latest special Faces Members of our community have succeeded in gaining! That means that all design Faces such as Pegasis, Quetzalcoatl, Beelzeb, etc. do not count as "special Faces", since they do not require quite as much work to get as the more extraordinary Faces.

We're really proud of people's effort, so it's great to highlight them to the whole community!

Monthly Giveaways

After an absence of over a year, Monthly Giveaways are back!! If you're a Passport Holder, please post once in this thread to be entered in the December 2013 giveaway for a brand new copy BEYBLADE: Evolution or the Japanese version, MFB 4D X Zero-G Ultimate Tournament for Nintendo 3DS! The winner may choose whichever version they like!

Introducing: the Limited Format!

Things look bright for Beyblade's future, but for the moment, we're creating a new format to hype things up: the Limited Format!

The goal of this new format is to try to develop a new metagame, made of no overpowered parts! This means that, for instance, Synchrom and 4D will not be used in that format. This will open a world of opportunities to test old or overlooked parts to see how they fare against other parts that are more at their level!

Tournaments done using this format will not be processed in the Beypoint System since the circumstances are not really comparable to the usual Standard and Zero-G-format events, but Faces and Credits will still be awarded just like for the HMS and plastic Beyblade tournaments.

Here are already a few threads to help you get to know the Limited Format, notably with a list of banned parts. This list may be modified along the way, if parts are found to be too dominant even in that metagame, but it should be a good start.


Let us know your thoughts about the Limited Format after trying it out in your region or after conducting some tests on your own! The format will officially be added to the Event Guide shortly.

This new format also leads us to a restructuration of the Beyblade Customizations forum! From now on, that forum will be divided in four different sub-forums:
  • MFB: Standard Customizations
  • MFB: Limited Customizations
  • MFB: Zero-G Customizations
  • Plastics & HMS Customizations

This way, it will be easier for everyone to differentiate conversations on all those different formats!


And last, but not least ... the official video for BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: WBO North American Championship has finally arrived! Check it out!

Additionally, please stay tuned for bonus footage from the event that was not included in the video above!

Tweet away and be sure to share these celebrations on Facebook too! Don't forget to follow and like us as well!:

[Image: twitteric.png] @worldbeyblade [Image: facebookic.png] WorldBeybladeOrganization
YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!

HAHA, can't wait HAPPY ANIVERSARY WBO! Thank you Kai-V, Brad membersSmile
Whoa... mind blown! Grin

Those Stone Faces are insane. Chocked I'm gonna have to get me to a few tournaments!


Question... will the mods be moving any old threads into the new subcategories? Or do we need to fill them up with new stuff?
Happy annyversary dear WBO! Smile
I sincerely hope that this will last for other 100 years Grin

EDIT: I have tried to post in the game giveaway thread, but I have this error:

"There was an error posting your reply:

The subject is too long. Please enter a subject shorter than 85 characters (currently 89)."
(Dec. 04, 2013  2:49 PM)theblackdragon Wrote: Question... will the mods be moving any old threads into the new subcategories? Or do we need to fill them up with new stuff?

Ingulit will be the only one, so we have to thank him for his hard work and time in having to move 52 pages!

Happy Anniversary everyone ~ have fun !
Everything looks great, but seeing as Limited is my favourite thing here I am going to waffle about that.

I am so excited to see this finally happen, especially as the general aims of the format align so closely with what I had hoped for it. I have a lot of words to say so either scroll past it or just indulge me as I've wanted this to happen for a very long time, and forgive me if I indulge myself too much as well.

self indulgent summary of my thoughts on the format and its gameplay (Click to View)
tl;dr version of spoilered text: LIMITED FORMAT BEST FORMAT

I'd urge everyone to approach Limited with a creative mindset – try to have fun and switch things up a bit, experiment, use weird things, vary your combinations and so on. A lot of the fun of the format depends on the players and we have the ability to make what is naturally a good format, a great format.

To end this long, overly indulgent post, I'd like to thank the Staff and everyone else involved (I don't want to list names in case I leave someone out + I only know a portion of the story, but you know who you are) for bringing this to the community and in particular extend a huge thanks and congratulations to Ingulit for his tireless work to make this happen – you did it, man!
I'm super pumped about all of this!! I want to say more but I'm going to wait to post a full response until I'm done moving threads Grin
Happy anniversary WBO!!Grin this is my first time being part of today's anniversary! I'm so excited!Grin
Here's to another great year of the WBO! I love that we continue to grow and evolve.
(Dec. 04, 2013  2:59 PM)C a o S³ Wrote: EDIT: I have tried to post in the game giveaway thread, but I have this error:

"There was an error posting your reply:

The subject is too long. Please enter a subject shorter than 85 characters (currently 89)."

Just delete a few characters from the title (preview post, title:) and you're good to go! This was discussed in 'Questions about the WBO' thread a few times, so just go check there if you're still having trouble.
(Dec. 04, 2013  3:24 PM)Cannon Wrote:
(Dec. 04, 2013  2:59 PM)C a o S³ Wrote: EDIT: I have tried to post in the game giveaway thread, but I have this error:

"There was an error posting your reply:

The subject is too long. Please enter a subject shorter than 85 characters (currently 89)."

Just delete a few characters from the title (preview post, titleSmile and you're good to go! This was discussed in 'Questions about the WBO' thread a few times, so just go check there if you're still having trouble.
Ah ok, I haven't saw it, thanks anyway Smile
Super excited about the limited edition format! I didn't participate in the scavenger hunt last year, but this year, why not? Smile Happy 5th anniversary!
Hey everybody! So as you probably noticed, the Beyblade Customs board looks really different now! Let's go over the changes:

The root of the Beyblade Customs board is now going to be used for general customization threads, ones that don't fall into a specific format (like "Build Me a Combo!").

For threads about a given format, each format now has its own subforum! These subforums have their own stickies and posts, and are places to talk about each format in an organized way!

These are the new subforums:
  • MFB: Standard
    This is the regular BB-10 Metal Fight Beyblade format we all know and love!
  • MFB: Limited
    This is a brand new format! It is like Standard, but some parts are banned!
  • Zero-G Customizations
    This is the Zero-G Stadium Metal Fight Beyblade format!
  • Plastics and HMS Discussion
    This board is about all the older Beyblade generations!

Each subforum now has a few new stickies:
  • Primer and Random Thoughts Thread
    These threads go over the basics for each format for those who are new to the formats, and serve as a place where you can talk about the format in general!
  • Competitive Custom List and Public Discussion
    These threads contain the most recent competitive custom list for each format (those that have an official list, anyway), and the serve as the public discussion on what YOU think should be on the list!

As far as old threads go, I just finished going through all the old Beyblade Customs threads and I moved each one into its proper subforum, so now each format's subforum contains all the posts about that format from as far back as the start of the WBO!

If you notice that anything was misplaced or have suggestions regarding the new structure of the Beyblade Customs board, please feel free to send me a PM! Reorganizing everything has been quite the undertaking, but it is our hope that this will make it even easier to talk about all the competitive formats, new and old!
Question: You see the face hunt, do we have to look in every thread? Or is it like, somewhere like; "Usermap" "List of faces"?
Happy Anniversary WBO!

As always, there's so many prizes to be won haha!
However, it's the introduction of the Limited Format - which is unarguably a great development as far as tournaments are concerned - that makes this announcement unique and special.
Personally, I've always relied on heavily outclassed and outdated parts at all times. I've learnt that the prospect of experimentation is broadened by ignoring the major threats in the meta (I attended tournaments which I knew I was gonna lose. With nothing better to do, I tried experimenting with the limited stuff I had as that made battles less monotonous and unique). So I see where this is going...

Ever since the Maximum Series beys were released, the meta-game became overly centralized. It revolved around Hells, Basalts and their counters. If a part wasn't used in a Hell/Basalt/Hell-Basalt-counter combo, it turned obsolete. The 4D series followed the trend of "every new release outclassing/countering the existing parts". With the release of Zero-G and Synchrome though; low-track combos, most Metal-wheels under 50g, etc were all out of use.

This new format brings all those parts back and allows everyone to experiment and innovate.
Interestingly, if this format consisted wholly of old parts, it would only mean the revival of the old Top-Tiers.
However, there's more to this format than that. Apart from the old parts, there's new parts which aren't as effective in the current meta. Who knows, this new batch of "useless" parts might constitute a Top-Tier combo in this side-format!

Thanks to everyone who worked on this format, and to the Committee for approving it. Grin

Oh, and I'd totally answer that questionnaire!

Dude!!! My mind is like blown!!!!!! I dont know what new thread to look at first!!!!

Those prizes are amazing!!!

Happy anniversary guys!!
(Dec. 04, 2013  4:46 PM)Galaxy Blade Wrote: Question: You see the face hunt, do we have to look in every thread? Or is it like, somewhere like; "Usermap" "List of faces"?

It's buried within this forum, it can be anywhere. It is a mystery Look in last years anniversary to find your answer.

It's not the one in the list of faces though, lol.
OMY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!! I shall host my tournament soon.
Also the fact for what Sonokong dubbed Metal Fight Beyblade is {SNIP}
Yes, just to clarify : it is only for the hidden Face that there can be just one winner, the first who finds the hidden Face. Revealing answers for any of the other questions will get you disqualified, perhaps warned depending on the circumstances, and we will cancel the question altogether ... So, be a good sport.
Wow! I broke my wrist and had some problems with internet..and now that I'm here, finally, I read this.

So sweeeet. Thanks WBO.
Love the Anniversary special. If I could get enough bladers I'd host 4 tournaments this month. We were away from this community for most of the year, but glad we are back. This last tournament at our house was just like having family over. Well actually we haven't had any family over at our new place yet, but we've had Yuko and Fang Wolf, and Shining God MS lol!
I guess this calls for a Happy Anniversary and Brad Day. Grin

I'm so proud of the Beyblade community, and how much we have accomplished.

My eyes deceive me, I swore I saw the Beezlebub face in the "Featured New Faces", but I can't seem to spot it again...

The pressure is so intense it causes hallucinations, haha. Tongue_out
Oh yeah, so awesome, I'm going for the Face Constest New Beyblade Series!