[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

(Jan. 30, 2013  2:02 AM)libraten Wrote: Never Mind my tournament I just won't have it

I had no clue you were talking about April right now, no sense in bringing that up when it's over two months away. I thought you meant soon. Hopefully we'll have a couple more tournaments before April, that's all. Yes I remember your birthday tournament conversation some now. But that's still pretty far off.

I brought up BeyDays, but that's an important day in Tournaments, everybody should try to make it to BeyDays and I was just reminding you that it's usually on Memorial Weekend.
(Jan. 30, 2013  9:30 PM)earthfox3221 Wrote:
(Jan. 30, 2013  2:35 AM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote: Ok that's 6 for my tournament in Wayne I need 8 to get it official.

maybe me 2 more i have to make them acounts

Ok thank you please get them acounts soon so I can put up a proposal.

@ the archer is [RA] Dragon going to my tournament
It is a possibility but Idk
Hey yuko I might be able to go to your tournament
I think these live broadcasts are KIND OF cool. Cooler if done right. We had a good setup for Lansing unfortunately due to lack of real bladers (using parents who've never launched a beyblade in their lives) We gave up on it. But The rest of the tournaments I host we will have a live feed going on with it. This might mean I compete less unless if Madoka's Spirit helps me out again or we have some extras that can help out.

We will be doing my tournaments slightly different like we did at Lansing to speed things up. The lansing tournament full round robin with 8 participants only took an hour and a half including the finals. Each judge will call their own stadium instead of waiting for everybody to be ready at the same time.

I'm really hoping to have a tournament in February but like I said last month, this snow makes bladers quiet. Is everybody allergic to snow?
I'd come in a blizzard if I could! (Lol)

You got a list of particapants for May yet? You can put me as confirmed as I have no plans til then. (and Jarvis)
Ok I think that's eight ill put my proposal up today or tommarow
Truth is I'm not allergic to snow, but where I'm at the snow WILL kick my butt.

Hope to be battling soon Smile
are you sure coach
Oh I was talking about libraten
but that what everone would say because it can easily be changed you could get sick so you cant go and all that stuff
Archer do u know if RA dragon can come now
We need people who can set everything possible to come. Plan on coming. Of course there could be emergencies that come up that prevent that, but we don't want people to be like Yes I'll go and might go and never had made plans with their parents and then the day comes and they don't show. Or you make plans in place of the tournament when you already said you're coming.

We need people to make tournaments a priority when they come up, that is all. And make sure your parent's are ok with it before you say anything please.
@yuko I talked to him and he said he might go
Guys Yuko needs some help, if you can make going to his tournament a priority and your parents will take you or you can go and are allowed to. Let him know please.
March 16 in Wayne MI at Warrior 3 Comic and Games.

Still haven't heard from any of the Grand Rapids bladers, so Don't think February will have a tournament after all Unhappy
Hey I could probably find a ride if it's indoors. Hopefully it will be BETTER for me this time.
it is indoors
(Feb. 08, 2013  11:15 PM)TrickStar20 Wrote: Hey I could probably find a ride if it's indoors. Hopefully it will be BETTER for me this time.
Which tournament are you refering to, the Grand Rapids one or Yuko's?
The Grand Rapids one.
Hey Yuko I can go for sure to you tournament
I'm a mabey at yokos tertement with earthfox3221
I am with earthfox3221 and kingcrab132 at yokos tertement a mabey