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Country: Registration Date: Jan. 09, 2012 Birthday: Aug. 22, 1979 (44 years old)

I'm a baseball coach, and I host tournaments with my son Wyatt V2 in Michigan. We reside in West Michigan but it's been hard to find bladers who are active on here to set up tournaments. If you are in MI, we just need 8 bladers to agree to meet in the same place at the same time and I can set up a tournament. If you need assistance on the WBO I'm willing to help with what I know as well. Feel free to contact me on Google + or email me: Goals: Host Tournaments at least every 2 months in 2014. Develop a stronger community where tournaments are taking place at least every month. Teach new tournament hosts. Attend tournaments: Beydays in Toronto Either Maryland or Virginia Chicago, that could be next week Bladers to meet and battle: Tri! Kei Arupaeo & Dark DrPepsiDew & Kaboom everybody else who goes to Toronto!

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