[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

Blaziken I already did.
EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!! Im moving the tournament back 1 week because something is happening at Warriors 3 will you still be able to attend?
hmmm... i will be in baltimore... y do tournaments always happen when im in baltimore
i will be in baltimore from march 30 to april6, so i probably wont make it either way Unhappy
when is the date
Blaziken i can do it the 7th so u can go
bLAder DeanJ029 Im definetly going to this in a matter a fact im using the destroyer dome and my gravity roller to practice with next month untill the tournament starts on july 13th 2013!! this is a definet I will for sure be there in july see you guys in july,, untill july l8tr!!

(Jan. 29, 2013  11:45 PM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote:
(Jan. 29, 2013  9:53 PM)libraten Wrote: I'm hoping to send the request in for a tournament in Lansing soon and i have this people able to go:
Wyatt v2
yuko ray14

the archer
If you can go plz tell me in pm or something else

Wait when did I agree to this? I don't even know if I can go to the one in GR yet.
I will still be able to go yuko
(Mar. 11, 2013  12:41 AM)libraten Wrote: I will still be able to go yuko

Ok thank you, blaziken could u see if u could go to this if coach doesn't go I need help with bb-10s
If you need any I got 2 bb 10's
i have a question can I bring strata dragoon ms fro the older generation
You can bring it, but you can't use it since the tournament will not be it's format.
i can go yuko
Me, twistedtempo1, and kingcrag132 are still a mabey
I think i missed the official release of the tournament info. What's the date, time, and location?
April 6th or 7th 12:00, right now the location is warriors 3 comics but it might be outdoor because of weather change
Please keep it indoor outdoor would probably be a no for going
hey yuko im sorry to tell you but my parents cant get off on week days even thought its spring break so i cant go anymore sorry
Oh it's in April? I'll have to ask about this. It'll be most likely a no but it's worth a shot.
@ libraten it's on a weekend
Oops sorry I can go I accidentally was looking at march i can go
Ok great libraten coach hasn't replied in a while so please anticipate bringing your bb10 same for u archer.

To anyone going and has a bb10 could you please contribute by bringing your bb10 thank you.
Thank goodness it is in April, I get healed from my birthday and twistedtempo1 gets phantom orion I might even get Bb10 stadium for my birthday great news!
I'm from Canton (MI), has anyone donated a prize for your tournament? I have a few things that might convince more people to sign up.

PM me if you have any ideas how to make this work for both of us (and I can tell you the secret items I might be willing to donate).

I'll say this publicly: I'm happy to donate a new BBG-25 Synchrome ultimate DX (stamina & defense) set and maybe even a bb-10 if I have any left by then.
Oh wow thank you so much I really appreciate it I do need another bb10 for this tournament so thank you so much Smile
you can put ldragoten as a maybe