[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

These are the 2 I was talking about yoko kingcrab132 and twistedtempo1
I'm baaack! I've been reading the thread, so I know there might be a tournament.. Although I have not figured out of there is a confirmed date. Is there? And If not an estimate
I already put in a proposal there is a confirmed place and time
It is not in the official events why
They haven't approved it yet. It's in event proposals forum right now.
(Feb. 20, 2013  12:19 AM)Tri (o^_^)o Wrote: They haven't approved it yet. It's in event proposals forum right now.
Hey do u think u could come to this one I really can't wait to battle u lol
I asked bro, but I gotta wait til May sadly!
I'm talking about yokos tournament
its in the proposals it hasnt been approved yet and the name's Yuko lol
Can you have another tournament in michigan i haven't
been in a tourny since 3 months
dude there just was a tournament in lansing that i think u said u were coming to and look at the last couple of posts there's a tournament in the proposals right now!
Yoko it does not let me go onto the perposal and is the date the 17 or the 30 of march? Smile
Thats because it is a proposal and only the creator and the committee can view it.
thank you
gaaaaahhhhhh!!! i broke my arm so i probably cant blade for a while.

although, if its a tournament i dont really care if its broken. ill change my username to blazicripple for 1 day only
Tape your Beylauncher to your cast and use your arm as a grip!

Jk, that sucks man.
no thats a great idea... duct tape solves everthing! yay!

is that tournament legal though is the question
Its in the proposal so yea it will be official
I think he means the cast thing if it's legal, haha.
yep, i was asking if the cast is legal, but im findung out if i have to get a cast today. i think (hope) i only have to wear my sling
Sadly guys coach hasn't been active, but there is a reason. Madoka's Spirit just went through surgery so it might be a while before we see him again
That's cool how you are taping the ripper to your cast. Might want to use more than one brand of tape if you rip hard
He's not doing that, ahaha. That'd be illegal for play XD
Sorry the tournament is taking a while to get approved but hopefully it will please stay tuned Smile
i only have a sling. im happy they said i wouldnt need a cast. so by the time of this tournament my arms might be useable.. yay

also yuko, im not sure if i told u this yet, but in case i didn't u can add me as a possible on your proposal.