Face Contest: Design a new Beyblade series!

Yo Bladers!

As we mentioned in the announcement for the Fifth WBO Anniversary, things aren't dead in Beyblade right now, but it's possible to imagine that a new series is upon us in the near future. What if we... tried to guess what was coming up? That's right, this Face Contest's goal is to create what you think the next Beyblade series TAKARA-TOMY will introduce will be!

Your entry has to have a visual support, and you must show at least two example Beyblades, so that we can see the direction the new series of the toyline would take. You don't have to make two awesome Beyblade designs based on a totally new series though: you can focus on one of them more, and the second design could be a more simplified drawing as long as it shows a common essence between the two. Of course the most original entries will have a higher chance of winning, because as much as you want MFB to be continued or for plastics or HMS to return, it probably won't happen so we need to focus on innovation!

The winners will get their choice of:
As usual, there will be two winners!
  • You must give some sort of explanation of your series or system, because it might not be absolutely clear just from your picture, even if there are two Beyblades.
  • Try to stay as realistic and reasonable as possible; for instance, no one-ton but small spinning top...
  • Limit one entry per person! Your first entry will be the only one that's considered, so work hard on it!
  • The WBO Committee isn't eligible. Again.
  • You have until 11:59 PM EST Tuesday December 31st 2013 to submit your series. Any entries after that will be disqualified!
  • Post your entries in this thread! (You can also talk about the contest, ideas, or whatever in this thread as well!) However, you cannot post drafts of your entry and ask for feedback!

Go ahead now, make Osamu Mashimo proud and continue his work with just as much innovation as he used to begin this whole toyline!

(There may be a physical prize revealed later for this Face Contest, but for the moment, get your point for the Scavenger Hunt by entering!)
I would show my ideas but people will criticize them so I probably won't tell. Not because I don't really have an idea, I do have one but I would prefer not to show it.
(Dec. 04, 2013  6:05 PM)BladerPharmist Wrote: I would show my ideas but people will criticize my idea.

No, they will not. All entries are accepted here, we have kids from all ages who enter these contests and while their design are not 'professional', they still show creativity and that is what is important.
I'll think about it once I decide whether I'll make a Photobucket account or whatever.
Wow I have an major. Advantage Because. Of my 5D systems and I have an prototype for it.Can we use an prototype or do can we only draw.
(Dec. 04, 2013  7:17 PM)XKai_DranzerX Wrote: Wow I have an major. Advantage Because. Of my 5D systems and I have an prototype for it.Can we use an prototype or do can we only draw.

It is design, so I suppose that as long as it is something visual, it works.
I'd like to enter a system/series I'm currently working on!

My entry is the Beyblade Splice System.


I hope this is allowed to be entered, haha. Grin
man looking forward to designing another blade! can the 2 blades (blade designs) have some aspects or features of the previous generations of beyblade, or does it have to be completely fresh? looking forward to this as i missed the last one! =)
You'd have a better chance of winning if it were something original, but I'm sure it's completely fine to base it off an existing system Smile.
Ok finally something I can actually (sort of, maybe, possibly...) do! I've had some ideas for awhile, can't wait to finalise them!
Thanks Kai-V and to other people behind this event. This contest is more challenging. Bey Spirit is charging up. Hope to see more of the participants work in this contest. Good luck for the participants.
OK. Here's my entry.

System Name: Polarity Core

The basic idea behind Polarity Core is that every Bey has a "core" it's built upon. A tip is locked onto the bottom of the core, and up to 3 discs are slid onto the core and held in place by magnets. A cap is then placed at the top of the core to prevent dislodged discs from flying out of the stadium. The cap also has magnetic grooves for connecting to a Polarity Launcher.

Figure the core is a cylinder about 1.5 - 2 inches long. Depending on the core, the wheels can be placed at varying heights on the core. Some cores would have their own gimmicks, such as a sliding magnet that would cause a disc to raise or lower during a battle using the velocity of the spin.

Wheel placement on the core would be governed by a set of rules. The Equator Disc would always have to be between a slimmer upper and lower Pole Disc. This would be enforced by the magnets themselves. The upper and lower would use the opposite polarity of the main wheel so the main wheel could only be placed in between the other two.

Here's a rough concept of the layout of core, tip, and wheels:

Here's a really poorly modeled Equator Wheel:

Keep in mind that the scale on these images is not exact. I'm by no means a designer or engineer.

Several things would have to be considered when putting together a Bey:
  • Weight of core
  • Weight of Discs
  • Placement of Discs
  • Magnet strengths in core
  • Magnet mobility in core
  • Number of magnets in core
  • Tip choice
  • Disc size
  • Adequate protection of your core
I like your concept Naijalak! It would be cool to see in real life.

Im definitely gonna enter this. Im already getting some bizarre and awesome ideas. I cant wait to see what I come up with.
Ball-Bearing System

In this Beyblade series ball-bearing are inserted into open holes in the beyblades metal wheel (Beairing Wheel) to alter performance. Each beyblades hole number & placement is different, by using different weight ball bearings even more customization options are available.

Window Wheels

Similar to the Crystal wheel of Zero G series The clear plastic top wheel of the beyblade acts to lock the ball-bearings into place and hold them whiten the beyblade while spinning.


The bearing come in variable weight and material. Wiffle Bearing, Crystal Bearing, Stone Bearing, Heavyweight Bearing and Gold Bearing

[Image: Untitled_1.png]

Wiffle Bearing (WB) - Plastic barring with hollow drilled holes

Crystal Bearing (CB) - Solid Plastic bearing

Stone Bearing (SB) - Solid Metal bearing

Heavyweight Bearing (HB) - Metal bearing with heavy metal core

Gold Bearing (GB) - *RARE* Gold colored stone bearing only obtainable in random boosters

Bearing wheels

A beyblade with a metal Bearing wheel has holes fitted to hold a bearring, or indented tracks allowing bearings to roll in position. Each wheel has different amount and placement of wholes to create variety. The holes can also be left empty.

[Image: Untitled_1.png]


More customization options will open the door to more variation and competitive testing. For example one Top-tier Beyblade could have many bearing combinations, each with slightly different results. This gives players a better ability to "fine tune" there combinations and custom tailor there results.
Okay I am so entering...
[Image: 5DBANNER_zps3e00d8db.jpg]

What is the 5d system?

A: The 5D beyblade system is an enhancement and a funnier improvement to the 4D system. But they do have so remarkable differences such as the Extra “D” I bet you where asking yourself what’s the extra “D” for well Your about to find out. The extra “D” Stands for the concept of Detachable Armor/Weapons to the system.

Why the Detachable concept?

A: Well I ve decided to make it for more interesting battles and maximizes the customizing rate of beyblade which makes an longer entertainment range for beyblade and the eagerness to collect and customize to be and built the best bey.

Parts of which the bey consist of
-clear wheel
-Evolutionary wheel
-Armor/weapons AR
-track connected with AR on it


The concept of the prototype is a Heavy AR this would be shown as a defensive armor in the detachable concept. I’m still working on the concept of the weapons like saggitario flame claw for example The blades of Claw145 is used for like an attack track. My work and examples of the proto type and a video is provided below and will be updated with more pictures and proto’s.

The series I’ve come up with this system is called Beyblade: Metal Evolution. An instead of calling it a metal wheel or warrior wheel it will be called an Evolutionary wheel! Neat don’t you think? I’m still deciding on the characters main Bey It will be Deep space Pegasus or Soaring Phoenix. But I’ve come up with a reasonable story line With Very interesting Ideas I hope you ladies and gentleman find interesting.

Story plot

Year 2045 20 twenty years after the accident and the world tournament of zero-G A new era of beyblade has arisen with some remarkable changes. The new Metal Evolution has begun. This new era was stronger yet slightly wiser the beys evolution has been big with the new system of 5D the new weapons/armor system has been banging out beyblade all around the globe thanks to director Shinobi of the WBBA. The world has been in big changes But when the world sees the blader’s of this new Era they will witness the true big change.(This is all I have so far)

Thank you,
Sincerely, Xkai_dranzerX
Man, I must say The Bishop's idea is something I really did not expect ... Cool.
My idea is fairly far into the future, but definitely possible.

Basically what I'm asking is if this series we design has to be possible to be the next one TT comes out with, or if it can be something more futuristic yet possible.
(Dec. 07, 2013  10:10 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: My idea is fairly far into the future, but definitely possible.

Basically what I'm asking is if this series we design has to be possible to be the next one TT comes out with, or if it can be something more futuristic yet possible.

As long as you do not go over a decade in the future, it should be fine.
If special launcher and stadium are needed for proper use, I suppose I can design them as well?
(Dec. 08, 2013  3:03 PM)SCARlet Wrote: If special launcher and stadium are needed for proper use, I suppose I can design them as well?

Absolutely, make your entry as complete as possible.
A whole new system, for sure~

EDIT: Beaten.
The Metal Armed System
Overview of Concept

How it Works

What's So Special?


Legendary Dual Chokuto D125 XF (Attack)

Ideal Free Bouche ED145 EW2D (Balance)
It does not mean that entries already posted with this idea have no chance to win at all, but guys, we mean a whole new series : technically, a system to go right after Zero-G or 4D inside the Metal Fight Beyblade series is not a whole other series.
Shoot. I was so excited, I guess I forgot that part. Oh well