Face Contest: Design a new Beyblade series!

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Realized I didn't post my stadium, hope its ok to add it\
and here's the gif I added:
Example Battle GIF: (3-way battle for the heck of it)

Shinobi Blades

Concept: The Beyblades in this new system will be composed of 4 parts, in addition to various weighted blades with different styles and positions to affect the top’s performance. All Shinobi Blades must have a minimum of 1 blade inserted into a side and a maximum of 8 (each slot can fit 4 blades). The blades will be thin, but weighted by solid metal. From top to bottom, the parts are as follows:

So…why would you buy this system?
”Um…wouldn’t the blades just slow down battles? I sense Beywarriors & XTS deja vu.”
Here is my entry. I haven't really been following this thread so I don't know how closely my system may resemble someone else's but I assure you it is purely a coincidence.

Beyblade: Power-up System

Lol, someone's probably going to point out some flaw in my system I didn't see ahead of time that shoots down the whole thing, but oh well. I tried.

On a completely unrelated note, I love the word sprocket.
Finally, my entry!

Beyblade 3D-H System

3D Printing:
A customization aspect never before seen in Beyblade! You can order a Beyblade made via 3D printing. Each part is made with the same materials used now (Polycarbonate and zinc alloy), but via 3D printing! Available online thru the Takara-TOMY website, you can order parts seen in regular starters and boosters, but also parts only made thru 3D printing orders! This special process only costs 1,000 yen more than regular Boosters! Note: Must buy full beyblade, tool comes for free, no launcher.

The Beyblade project holograms during the battle, that “interact” with other 3D-H beyblades within 5 feet of each other when both are turned on. The holograms are turned on when the Bey is rotating at 5,000 + RPM. As the RPM start to decrease, they Holograms start to flicker and slow down, more and more with the less RPM they beyblade is at.

The interaction:
The interaction is when the hologram, based on type, moves. Attack types have holograms that “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” and look like boxers, Stamina types simulate the hologram (a runner) running on a very flat surface, and defense types have holograms that depict a sort of humanoid rock (See pics below).

There is a polycarbonate ring on top of a solid piece of zinc alloy, and these two pieces cannot be separated. This piece is known as the Assault Halo, or AH. The Assault Halo is similar to the Attack Ring of the HMS generation, but heavier and larger in circumference. Next, there is a polycarbonate ring below the the Assault Halo, and smaller in circumference. This is known as the Force Saucer, or FS. There are 4 basic Force Saucers that come with regular starters and boosters, however with 3D printing there become more options. And finally, there is the Running Apex, or RA. Running Apex’s come in all different shapes and sometimes sizes, with some of course special to 3D printed customs.
All of these parts are screwed together by a bolt which projects the hologram. The hologram can be replaced with a different type. For example, if your screw that you were using was labeled Stamina type by Takara-TOMY but used it in an attack type of setup, you could switch out the hologram projector for a different one. You can also buy special packs of projectors that come with all three types. There is also the option to remove the projector completely, but why would anyone do that??? Eee


If you can't tell I am a terrible artist.
The beyblades remind me(in the battle) of Dark Knight Dragooon and Bandid Goreim battling, and the stadium, Zero-G Wide Square Attack Type?! Oh snap, new Metal Series. And the example beyblade sorta reminds me of Wyvern DJ :\
So this is over, haha.

Before the thread is closed, I noticed in previous contests, a mod will post a list of all entires, to make sure none were missed. Will this happen for this? Just wondering, haha.
Ginga .. great work I must say.. and if this was FB I would tag my friend here..... back in 2006 he had this idea of hologram bitbeast's ... lol we were planning on attaching it somewhere on the bey/ chip. .. and you made something like this... that's awesome!!
Thanks haha! If I was a better artist it would look much better haha.
The assembled bey looks somewhat like Strata Dragoon MS, or another HMS bey haha
Do not worry guys, I will definitely go through every page and list all the entries. I am quite certain we never missed any entry in previous judgings.

Thank you to all who entered, there are some very interesting concepts that will really need a lot of in-depth observation. Watch out for the results in a few days, once we get back from all those holidays!