H-Code Product List (Plastics)

This arose from a discussion between Ultra, Kai-V and I over in the Voltaic Ape draft thread. This list contains everything I can find from the H-Coded releases. They do appear to be Hong-Kong releases, given the product code, location of sellers, and information Kai-V found out about the Crystal Dranzer S.

That said, there is this:
theintoy (from an archived version of their beyblade pages) Wrote:All products are Takara licensed, with the H-xx BeyBlades being licensed for sale in Japan and the A-xx BeyBlades being licensed for sale in Korea.
However, given the majority of beyblades on Y!JA are A-Series, I doubt that is correct.

It seems like these began release at a similar time to the A-Series, perhaps omitting the earlier numbered releases, so they went back and released at least some of those before getting into V-Force.

They also all had a "points" thing on them, as far as I can tell. I'm pretty sure it's limited to the H-Releases anyway.
Points thing circled (image) (Click to View)
Anyway, without further ado:

H code product list Wrote:H-1 Dragoon Storm
H-2 Dranzer S
H-3 Galeon
H-4 Spring Shooter
H-6 OTC Super Accessory (Blue Wide Defense, Blue EZ Shooter, White Dragon Winder)
H-9 Galzzly
H-10 Galman
H-11 Wolborg
H-12 Seaborg
H-13 Bakutenryu Shin-Hayate
H-14 Draciel S
H-15 Sniper Grip
H-16 Challenge Set
H-17 Trygle
H-18 Trypio
H-22 EZ Shooter
H-24 Driger F
H-25 Dragoon F
H-26 Beystadium Attack Type
H-27 Dranzer F
H-28 Griffolyon
H-31 Master Dragoon
H-32 Master Dranzer
H-33 Master Draciel
H-34 Salamalyon
H-35 Draciel F
H-36 Wyborg
H-37 Master Driger
H-38 Ultimate Beystadium
H-40 Seaborg 2
H-42 Gold/Silver Launcher Grip
H-45 Magne Block (South)
H-49 BeyBattle Analyzer (Blue Version)(English)
H-54 Dragoon Grip Attacker
H-56 Draciel Metal Ball Defenser
H-58 Driger S
H-59 Dragoon V
H-60 Metal Dranzer
H-61 Flash Leopard
H-62 Driger V
H-63 Flash Leopard 2
H-64 Dranzer V
H-66 Beyblade Orange ProBladers Gear (Carry Bag)
H-67 Beyblade Black ProBladers Gear (Carry Bag)
H-78 Gaia Dragoon V
H-82 Burning Kerberous
H-88 Dragoon Storm Gold Ver. (Gold Stickers, Gold Plated Wide Defense)
H-89 Dragoon Storm (Limited Clear Ver. w/ Blue Plated 8-Heavy)
H-90 Driger S (Limited Clear Ver. w/ Black Plated Wide Attack)
H-91 Dranzer S (Limited Clear Ver. w/ Red Plated 8-Wide)
H-92 Draciel S (Limited Clear Ver. w/ Green-Plated Wide Defense)
H-93 Catapult Grip Shooter (Gold Ver.)
H-95 Catapult Grip Shooter (White Gold Ver.)
H-99 Driger S White Gold Ver.

It's quite odd, but I can find no information, none at all, for the missing numbers. One would think Wolborg 2 would have recieved a release as H-39, but I can find nothing on ze googles about it at all. These products are as good as non-existent.

If you know of any releases of the missing numbers, do tell (references or pictures would be great, if you could). Just make sure the H-## is clearly visible on the image or whatever.

Anyway, thanks to Ultra for the significant help he gave me, and thanks to Kai-V for the various information she has unearthed Smile

EDIT: Here are the lists of Products that don't appear to have H-Code Releases, and a list of those given a different H-Code.

List of Missing Products (Long List) (Click to View)
Products released with a different H-Code than their A-Code (Click to View)
OK, this is almost impossible : I really cannot find anything at the moment on the missing products, even with my resources.

And you are certain that it is "H-5", and not "H-05" ?
I have tried everything within my means to locate information on them, and there is absolutely nothing. If you couldn't find anything, then it is entirely possible they were never released (though not releasing Wolborg 2 or Draciel V is an odd choice...). Thanks very much for looking into it Smile

And yes, it is certainly H-5, H-9 etc, here's a picture from Dimsum2u: http://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/nearestshop/...deH09A.jpg
Sorry to revive this, but I had a thought:
I was discussing this yesterday, and realised that the H- may well stand for Hudson, given their involvement in the franchise, perhaps some releases were directly marketed by them in some areas?

Obviously, I'm not sure at all, but it's a possibility.
Hudson is just a video game company ...
Yeah, I know, but apparently they're still important enough to have their name engraved on a lot of beyblades, at least, I assume that's what the Hu in the © Hu/T stands for (Hudson/Takara).
I own a few H-series & A-series that fall into this category.

They were all for distribution in Hong Kong, Macao, & China. The company behind it was OTCHK Ltd. (www.otchk.com). It's like they're Mani Ltd. for plastics. They still do Bakugan, YoYo etc. The recode / recolor is to be expected with these companies.
Ahh, I guess the hudson thing is just the human tendency of seeing patterns and relations where there are none.

About the A-series, I assume they stopped using their own codes around the V2 period, then, as that's takara's regular code. Are the boxes different to regular ones/carry a sticker like Mani Ltd do today?
(Jun. 03, 2012  11:46 AM)th!nk Wrote: About the A-series, I assume they stopped using their own codes around the V2 period, then, as that's takara's regular code. Are the boxes different to regular ones/carry a sticker like Mani Ltd do today?

The boxes look similar enough. The H series have the points thing like in your picture above. Both the A and H have the stickers on the back, like what Mani Ltd does today. As a matter of fact, I got the information above from these stickers.
Ahh, okay. Thanks very much for the info, confirms something about them. Still very curious about all the missing numbers/products (mainly Wolborg 2 and Draciel V).