[USA]Team Salamander,Join Today![USA]

(Nov. 16, 2012  10:02 PM)aensoni17 Wrote:
(Nov. 16, 2012  3:46 PM)alexjustin8 Wrote: hey dudes is there an age limit?

No. We might not except a five year old and a seventy five year old though. Tongue_out_wink

lol and sorry, I always get hyped up when I read that (part of why i joined) just thought that they might too. I do however agree that we might want to act more as a team, so I tried to get everyone fired up to ban together ... apparently it didn't work too well.
Hey! i am leaving the team, im sadly sorry to say this thou. ~ Cosmic
Anchor, could you switch my combo to Balro Reviser E230RS in the OP? Thanks. Also, I'm thinking about quitting. :\
Sadly, the team is basically dead. Since we're not in the same area, we never really bladed together :\
I think I may have mentioned something similar to this before, but since it the team is nationwide, could we make it so its a handful of separate states, all relatively in the same area?
Ok, Team Salamander, I have some bad news. This team will be disbanding. It was a lot of fun while it lasted but Team Salamander is practically dead. It was fun talking with all of you, but this team is no more, sorry. But we can still discuss beyblade or anything. Just shoot me a pm if you want to talk. Even though this team is dead, remember this; "The Salamander Symbolizes Enduring Faith and Courage That Can't Be Destroyed!" Team Salamander, disband. But maybe someday the team will be reborn, just maybe.

As the Pheonix dies, it reincarnates from its ashes. Perhaps one day, we can do the same.
dude can i join? i just got a winning valk

not too good though
Wait does combos meaning ur best bey? xd