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Hello people Im Devin but call me Cosmic, ON MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT BlitzUnicornoHD I AM A YOUTUBE PARTNER!! I GOT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AND EVERYTHING!! I enjoy Beyblade and have a ton of fun with it. i also enjoy Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and many more anime!!!! I play Basket Ball, and starting to do track!!!! My nickname is Kola Bear because i can do some kola bear eye thing?? idk ask my teacher Well hope you enjoy my bio and i forgot to say I LOOOOVVVEVEVEV PASTA!!!!!! so enjoy and have an awesome day!!!!! Trying to do list. 1. Become an Advance Member 2. Have over 1,000 good posts 3. Host a Tournament in NYC 4. Battle every NYC blader. 5. Beat Every advanced member in a beyblade battle. 6. earn the Unicorno face :)

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