Takao vs Kai:- Final Battle (HMS)

  Mumbai, Maharashtra
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Borivali East
  Check description. Lost? Whatsapp the host: 9769956009
10AM on 12/24/2016
Hosted by

Only official Heavy Metal System gear can be used.

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FAQ (please read carefully before coming

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FIREFIRE:- 9769956009 (whatsapp only)
(Nov. 24, 2016  5:37 AM)The @CE Wrote: Count me in

Awesome. You are JKsiddh's friend siddharth right?

BTW @@[JKsiddh], can u ask your other 4 friends to post? Also more friends to come maybe lol

@@[ashton pino], can you ask Yash and Chris if they can come too?
If free they will come
Im also coming in this event guys btw this is my first beyblade event
Hey man, post this on your Facebook page or YouTube channel. You will get lots of Bladers
Make a nice video
I will attend the event too
Hello @mods Can the date be changed to 22nd and the formats to HMS plus Plastics. The rest is same, venue time etc .. We had a discussion. FireFire spoke to beybrad
OK I think I just changed everything. However, now each format needs its own topic, since they are technically two different tournaments, so make sure to advertise both properly.
Tournament Report For Takao VS Kai – HMS Format

The event was scheduled for 10am at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai. All blader’s were present at around 11am and the Tournament began. We started with the HMS format. Myself, Maximum Dranzer, FireFire, RayxNikhil & Aaryan owned HMS beys. Those who didn’t have, we shared ours with them. I personally carried 10-12 beys and 4 launchers and winders, as I knew not many will have these. 

There was a ‘free-play’ where new blader’s were given an opportunity to test their beys. I helped some guys with the assembly. After a while the battles began. I noticed that HMS are full of Knock-Outs. I lost around 3 Battles, but won all the rest IIRC. It was not a very pleasant day for RayxNikhil; he broke the RC of his Jiraiya MS. I was not surprised to see people spam Gaia Dragoon, Sea Drake & Driger MS combos. The other beyblade’s used at this tournament were Round Shell MS, Driger MS, Jiraiya MS, Wolborg MS & DEMS combos, Einstein MS etc. BB 10, BBC 03 were few of the stadiums in which we had out matches.

To my surprise, I somehow managed to get into the tie-breakers. It was intensive. In the finals, I was against Jksiddh & AaryanBITW.
I used these combos during the entire tournament:
AR: Advance Attacker
WD: CWD Free Survivor
RC: Bearing Core / Bearing Core 2

AR: Circle Upper

WD: CWD Defense Ring
RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) 
I rarely use competitive beys at a HMS event, this time I needed to take them out into the arena 
Personally, I didn’t find it very interesting. I wanted to battle AlexMercer and JustAway; there is always a next time. Overall We all did have alot of fun and entertainment. 

I came at the event
I came at the event too
Came at the event and 4th in hms
I attended the event too
I came at this event sorry i have mistaken for others but f2 wanted to check the user cp so posted all here
(Dec. 27, 2016  9:23 AM)Yashthegreat Wrote: I came at this event sorry i have mistaken for others but f2  wanted to check the user cp so posted all here

lol siddh I told you to make account and give me links or ask them to post on tourney thread of whichever event they came "how they liked event how it was and there experince".

by the way. results for all 4 events will be done by 9pm thanks for your patients
My report on this event also for Scavenger hunt
Members who attend
Priyank( maximumdranzer)
I don't know what others enjoyed more but I enjoyed Hms more it was better because of the option of choosing right or left rotation for every beyblade and so many amazing beys with different abilities for example magical ape ms with rubber
1st Ashton
2nd Jksiddh
3rd AaryanBITW
I used seadrake and placed
Aaryan used seadrake and adavance guardian Ashton used black dranzer in the finals.
1st ashton
2nd jksiddh
3rd firefire
Plastics was also very exciting many of the battles were driger v vs driger v2 but the zombie combo thanks to ashton was the rider of the format which lost no battles and came second thanks to ashton he shared me his combo against firefire but I was unable to defeat him .
The new members which were my school friends were impressively good and especially I looked out to defeat ray Nikhil in both format
Ashton used the zombie combo
I used driger v2
Firefire used driger v2 also and some other combos
It was amazing and I came 2nd only because of 1 round u was just gng to win against Ashton's zombie combo but u never know when a professional person becomes a professional bladers but all of them tried their best and were enjoying at the event
FIREFIRE CPB, can you submit the spreadsheet or at least the list of participants for this tournament, especially if it is different to the other event's from the same day?
(Jan. 18, 2017  4:34 AM)Kai-V Wrote: @[FIREFIRE CPB], can you submit the spreadsheet or at least the list of participants for this tournament, especially if it is different to the other event's from the same day?

Sorry for wait but I had some work out of Mumbai so was busy in last 2 weeks. I will finish with all spreadsheets by 3:30pm today Smile

Participants for this event were
Ashton Pinto 
Maximum Dranzer (Co-Host)
All good, I gave the points to those who had not already gotten them thanks to that list.
Guys, sorry for being super late but I was very busy this month. Here are results!!
I want to have a beyblading championship in Assam to show my beyblading skills