[Hyderabad, India] [22/12/12] The Doomsday Aftermath


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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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Another tournament, yay!

I'm making this thread on behalf of Spy, who is apparently busy with his studies. (I know, this should have been done much earlier, considering the tournament's tomorrow.)

Date and Time : 22nd December 2012, 1:20 PM.

: Sanjeevaiah Park.

: MFB.

Entry Fee : Free

Hosts : Spy, Relic.

Participants :
Xcore Chaos
Rocking ARV

Cya there! Smile

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

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5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

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6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

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Wohh..Relic back in the business..great!! Best of luck!
Hmm...Relic...I wont be coming....I sprained my leg just today morning and i have cancelled my tickets....
sorry to dissappoint you Unhappy

Also All the best to the bladers participating in the tournament. Grin
Wow cool!Relic is back in action!All the best everyone!
darn i cant be there wen the legend blading again. Cousins from Africa came. But im gon get u next time relic
add me to confirmed list.it seems spy told u about me,he registered me today itself.
good luck at the tournament guys,, have a good and pleasant day...
I can't come.

Relic, play seriously this time.
Don't go easy on them! Grin
Guys, I'm really sorry for delaying the making of this thread.

BS5@ Thats what even I'm looking for from Relic.
Relic@ Add Hell Ya! to confirmed list and DeX is the guy I registered today.
Syco@ Please don't give me silly reasons for not being able to attend and I would like to make it clear that my
is not available for tourneys. So, please don't tell me that you can come only if its at someone's house.
We've had many tourneys at parks and nothing went wrong till now so we wont be changing the location just for you.
Death!@ Dude ur string launcher is with me and I'm sure that none of us even touched our beys cause we did'nt even
realize it. I think u have my string. Just check it!!
The Dragoon@ Never mind we'll be having many more tournaments which u could attend.

From my side, hope the event goes well as usual Smile
So relic the blitzmaster is back.i thought u broke ur blitz or someting.but yeah hope to see ur power and skills agian.hope one day ill be able to participate in a tournament.dont loose until then becasue i wanna be the one to break your wining chain!
Thats the spirit Sayak but streaks did not last long Hyderabad--

1)Relic - 5 Golds in a row. Broken by Xcore Chaos at Its Raining Ripcords and Launchers: Revisted
2)Xcore Chaos - 3 Golds in a row.
3)Spy - 4 Bronze in a row and broken by 5th silver face
(Dec. 21, 2012  12:48 PM)nik1392 Wrote: Wohh..Relic back in the business..great!! Best of luck!

Well, I just happen to be free this weekend, and there's nothing to do. So why not ?

(Dec. 21, 2012  3:28 PM)BladingSpirit5 Wrote: Relic, play seriously this time.
Don't go easy on them! Grin

Well, I've never actually played seriously. Moreover, I haven't touched my Beyblade's for about 5 months, so I have no clue how well I'll fare! XD

Best of luck to all and enjoy ur tournament
Wohh three tournaments in india in just 3 days and i geuss last sunday also there was 2 tournaments. . . Keep it up Indians

good luck to allSmile
Okay guys listen up.

Last minute news --
Xcore Chaos can't come to a personal problem.

The final confirmed list-
9)Rocking ARV
11)Hell Ya!

So, we have 11 and its gonna be a Round robin.
So go guys.deploy and destroy xD
waiting for the results and no mr.mystery ??
Dude I was ?Mr.MyStery?......now I am Death!

Now here are the results:
1stGrineath!-MF-L Flash Orion W145 R2F
2nd:Relic-Blitz Unicorno T125 RF
3rd:fabregasrox323-MF-L Flash Orion W145 R2F

The tournament was hell lot of fun!
Woah,looks like it was deathtruction.
relic y dont u use flash or diablo ??
Darn..... did not place....... well the tourney was fun.
(Dec. 22, 2012  1:45 PM)phantom_gt Wrote: relic y dont u use flash or diablo ??
skill is required not parts.
Congo to all the winners! That was fun i guess, oh yeah. Smile
The Dragoon-where do you stay exactly?i know you made a claim to attend the Thane tournament
congrats to Death! for coming first!
Congo death u beat relic awesome! I cant believe i missed this
Congratz Death!, Relic and fabregas..!!Wink