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Country: Registration Date: Mar. 04, 2012 Birthday: Jan. 15, 1997 (27 years old)

hey guys im gameboysuperman im technically an indian whose from mumbai, I was born and brought up for 15 years in U.A.E. and have now come back to mumbai for my college. i have been beyblading for a long time. even though most of my freinds are likr "beyblades are for small kiddos" i never listen to em. Feel free to contact me(P.M.). I like having chats on beyblades their parts stuff,etc and whenever ur ready Let it Rip!!! =D ---------------------------------------------------------- My Records: 1. 3rd in "Beydays Back to the Bey-sics" (plastic format) 2. 1st in "Bey-ond expectations" (MFB format) 3. 3rd in "Return of the Bit- Beasts" (plastics format) 4. 3rd in "Return of the Bit- Beasts" (HMS format) 5. 1st in "Beginning of the future" (Zero-G format) 6. 3rd in "Beginning of the future" (MFB format) 7. 3rd in "Into the 4th Dimension" (Zero-G format) 8. 2nd in "Bey- Bash Beginning of winter" (MFB format) 9. 1st in "Amidst The Frozen Forest" (MFB format) 10. 3rd in "Beyblade Spirit: Reincarnation" (Plastics format) 11. 1st in "Beyblade Spirit: Reincarnation"(MFB format)

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