[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

The fifteenth of July could be a special day.
Man Can't wait to go on June 30 the bey match and get most of the stuff i need from klaus and i got a new member in my team MBM Metal Bey Master MBM member(4)
Yea Can't wait
Alright Let's go MBM
Alright Got the gain together....count me in!
I know I place in a number of tournaments and my sig says when you enter the stadium with me you feel fear for the first time but this team scares me THERE ARE 2 PEOPLE ONE MY TEAM WE ARE OUT NUMBERED! Lol!
(Jun. 18, 2012  2:25 AM)Coach Wrote: We'll do this one Sat June 30th. Maybe July 15 or 22 well do another Storm. but I'm definitely not doing one that weekend I'm hoping to do a tourney up in Traverse City if anything because that's where I'll be.

If someone in Detroit can give me a ride I can go maybe the legend bladers......
Yeah there are only (4) member in my team we trained alot and buy alot...just saying goodluck yuko team!
(Jun. 15, 2012  2:18 PM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote:
(Jun. 10, 2012  11:44 PM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote: Ray Gun tournamnt
September (TBD) 2012!

Place: Belle Isle park Detroit or a hotel (most likely belle isle) shelter number TBD

Time: Sign up 11:45-12:30 tournament starts around 12:45

Format: Full Block Robin or Double Elimination dependig on number of bladers

Judges: Yuko Ray14 need about 2 more

Fees: 5 bucks fee free with bladers passport

Yuko Ray14

Possibly might go

this is my first tournament hope u can make it!

Anybody up for it

Seriously! Any one
Sorry Yuko I honestly think this weekends tournament will be our last tournament to the Detroit area this year. As of right now that is, we won't be planning one that far away for a while.
Yuko maybe you should hold the tournament in ann arbor
I guess I do have some friends that live there
Yuko I wouldn't change anything yet. Its still 3 months away. There are a lot of Detroit bladers im sure will attend.
Sorry Coach, I haven't been back to this thread since the first tournament in Millennium Park. If I knew about it, we would have shown up to the one on the 15th.

When the next one in GR or Holland is announced, we'll confirm.
If anyone wants to battle The Legend Bladerz in rochester hills MI before July 14 pm me!
Can't wait till June 30
Dragoon, We need 1 more blader to confirm for this Saturday June 30th. Registration at 4:00pm tournament starts at 4:30-4:45pm at Millenium Park again. Can you make it?

Edit: We are going to meet this saturday at 11:00 am. Not looking for a huge turn out but if you can make it please let us know and we'll get an official tournament most certainly full round robin (which means you play everybody no matter what!). So hope a few can make it Eee
Ok guys I'm postponing this weekends get together. I don't have all of team MBM's order yet and we don't have enough coming for an official tournament. Plus this scorching weather, I live by the beach and I'd rather stay at the beach where it's cooler and well it's the beach :-) Also nothing has happened with my Traverse City contacts so that one is a dud for right now as well. Looking at July 14 or 15th for the next big tournament at Millenium Park. If you can make it PLEASE COMMENT and let us know!
Team MBM we'll do a meetup when your order comes in. While that's going on do your research on here get some good combos and train! practice shooting techniques too!
ohhhh i might go my mom sais she will do somthing nice for me because she forced me to go to this cass tech class for 3 weeks
Looking for Participants for:
Michigan's Midsummer Throwdown
Saturday July 14
I want to do an evening event if at all possible given the hot weather. Starting around 5 but of course it depends on you if you can make it. Let me know, Thanks!

So Far:
Phantom W
put me on maybe i havent asked my mom yet sience she is out of town
yea sure no prob bro
Hope this come out right
i live in chicago
um sorry bro unless ur gonna drive all the way to grand rapids or detroit there is no point in u posting here but if u can make the drive that would be great