[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

hey everyone im new here and i live in detriot michigan if u live around me pm me cause im lookin to battle some strong bladers
where is the tourney?? wasn't it in millennium park??
For the Bladers who are looking for my tournaments. I plan to take some time off with hosting. My next event is in just over a week away on July 14th at Millennium Park just outside Grand Rapids MI. After that my next tournament will not be till around Halloween, either a weekend or two before or the weekend after. And yes I will expect my participants to have fun and dress their role.

For all my team Prospects and Rival Teams this will be an epic event nearing that of Grand Beydays in Michigan. I will find an excellent venue because a park most likely wouldn't be the most comfortable environment in October in Michigan. We've been overloaded with Tournaments recently and I can't keep up with the costs of time and $ so I'm setting some time off to bring back the quality to our events! It will definitely be Grand once again!
I'm busy almost every weekend this summer. Unhappy

And I just ordered a whole bunch of new stuff, too.
The Next tournament after the one on the 14th will be....

Name - havent decided yet lol
Time - July 29th Sunday 2012, Free Play/regestration 11:30 - 12:00 tournament starts at 12:15 - 12:30
After tournament there will be a side tournament for a.................... you will have to wait
ill make a deal when we get 10 bladers sighned up we will tell you Cost is 10$ per person

Place - Latino Family Serevices 3815 West Fort Street Detroit, MI 48216

Hosts - Pattycakechamp and Yuko Ray14
Judges - Pattycakechamp and Yuko Ray14


Yuko Ray14

Possible attendies
mike 8

Everybody give a big thanks to PCC for letting us use his work place for the tournamnet so everybody please leave the place cleaner than u found it thank you!
thanks coach we figured we would give u a break from hosting
Ha! Yeah at least on that side of the state. make sure you PM some of the new faces who've popped up like SageModeDC, he even wants on our team. Let him know whats going on and get a confirmation from him. Dominic99ify and Chance1234 were a couple competitive newbs at AJ's sendoff too. if you're doing it without a comp, on challonge.com, make sure to print off brackets for every scenario. There is a link in the event guide i believe for a good site to print from

And once again good luck if you have any questions, ask me, or even Kei I've found him very easy to talk to. Dark Mousy and Arupaeo are great as well. But follow everything Kai-V wants with this being your first tournament she'll want you to know every detail so go through the Event guide and rule book. I know you know pretty much everything but she'll be thorough with you till she trusts that everything is solid, it'll take about 2 or 3 tournaments lol!
Just in case he doesn't comment here SageModeDC said he'll be there August 5th so put him on the confirmed list, you need 8. Got 3 down! Get a hold of the LegendBladers before AJ departs too. I'm not sure how easy they'll be to get a hold of after he's gone!
ha thanks forbthe help im sure we will ask a couple of questions
Ill do my best to come
Dont forget people, just a week away
Michigan's Midsummer Throwdown Battle of the Millennium: Summer Scorcher!
link under my sig!
about the other tournament what will the prizes be if there are any even if there isnt any im still going cause i would love to be still facing strong bladers
sorry that is confidentiol until the tournament is official
O how many people do we need left
Yuko put me down as a maybe for your tournament.
really wish i could come
Well glad you can make it this Saturday.
Guys remember next tournament this saturday in grand rapids at Millennium Park. first link under my sig is the tournament thread!
Everybody goin to PCC's and i"s tournament date moved to July 29th
Ok guys. Yesterdays tournament went very well. LOTS OF NEWBS! I did not participate if you're unaware to concentrate on judging and running of it. It still went very well and just what the West Michigan scene needed. Now they need to learn about the new stuff, nearly all of them have no clue about the 3rd part of Metal Fight I had Big Bang and Destroy as two prizes and most had no idea or really could care less, but they'll learn... maybe despite hasbro.

Well we are waiting on word of out next proposed tournament on the East side of the state Yuko Ray14 and PattyCakeChamp! were planning on putting one on but this place seems to have quieted down from the Detroit side and I don't think they're getting enough confirmed bladers. IF YOU WANT TOURNAMENTS YOU MUST CONFIRM SO WE CAN GET A PROPOSAL TO MAKE IT OFFICIAL! So hopefully it's looking like July 29th, but they need you. and Yuko and PCC make sure you pick a date and stick to it it matters hugely to people.

Next West Michigan Tournament I'll be hosting, after the awesome turnout yesterday, will be Sunday August 19th at Tunnel Park in Holland. Registration will be at 1:00, Tournament start will be at 2:00. Please confirm when you know you can make it. That way I can put a proposal forth as soon as possible. Thanks guys!
is there any chance you an make it augest 18th
(Jul. 15, 2012  11:04 PM)Coach Wrote: Possibly but it would most likely be back at Millennium Park then again.

That would be good
[Content removed.]

Made some changes to the location, after tournament some of us will play basketball because there is a court not to far from the location of the tournament.
(Jul. 15, 2012  11:04 PM)Coach Wrote: Possibly but it would most likely be back at Millennium Park then again.
that would be great
Yuko, you can't be going around saying it's a done deal. you only have 5 bladers confirmed! you must get 8 eight then put a proposal together in event proposals and then they must approve you! This is your first tournament they will pick through your knowledge with a fine tooth comb you cannot be over confident! Get this done. Get your bladers.
What about the LegendBladers besides AJ, that's 3 more? Try to get them. or your other friends like Robin1?
I don't know whats up with DaWRETCHED and his family. PANAsher made it sound like they were coming to mine but they didn't. Figured if they were I would have heard from DaWRETCHED himself though. But send them a PM. Go through the AJ's sendoff tournament thread and PM everybody who was there.

It would really suck for you guys buying prizes and this not being legit. But it could take over a week to get your approval you've never been approved for a tournament before. And that post could easily be deleted by a mod because you make it sound official.