Beyblade X Guardians

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Chapter 1: The Idol
Chapter 2: Destination Japan
Chapter 3: The flash race
Chapter 4: The guardians third task
Chapter 5: The winner is...
Chapter 6: Darkness' Rising: Step 1
Chapter 7: Dark guardian rival history
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Name= Tommy Yamasaki
Occupation= Blader
Beyblade= Kreis Cygnus
Age= 14
Special Move= Swan of Mystery, Timeless Swan
Description= Is super energized and always psyched for a race or battle!!

Name=Zukai Kurosake
Occupation= Legend Guardian
Beyblade= Fusion Hades AD145SWD
Age= 19
Special Move= Hades Graveyard
Description= Mysterious and usually goth but is always ready for battle or race.

Name= Raziyah Hiwatari
Occupation= Legend Guardian and Big Bro of Yoh
Beyblade= Flash Sagittario 230WD
Age= 16
Special Move= Flash Bang, Flash Destruction
Description= Has black hair, is curious and psyched for a race and loves battles in races only.

Name= Yoh Hiwatari
Occupation= Legend Guardian and Little Bro of Raziyah
Beyblade= VariAres D : D
Age= 14
Special Move= Sword of Destruction
Description= Has brown hair, is ready for any challenge whatsoever that he encounters.

Name= Kuro Tenosake
Occupation= Legend Guardian Grandmaster
Beyblade= Unknown
Age= Unknown
Special Move= Unknown
Description= Teacher of all the legend guardians, loyal enemy of the dark guardians, and teacher of the new guardian team.

Name= Yamira Yukuno
Occupation= Dark Guardian
Beyblade= Wing Pegasis 90WF
Age= Unknown
Special Move= HellFire Crossbow
Description= Rude and official rival of Tommy Yamasake.

Name= Kiro Tenosake
Occupation= Dark guardian grandmaster
Beyblade= Unknown
Age= Unknown
Special Move= Unknown
Description= Mysterious

Name= Jack Kamanosake
Occupation= Guardian
Beyblade= Phantom Orion B:D
Age= 13
Special Move= Phantom Chase, Phantom Twist
Description= Unknown

Name= Lenny Kamanosake
Occupation= Dark Guardian
Beyblade= Unknown
Age= 13
Description= Easy to be fooled

Name= Ernesto
Occupation= Dark Guardian
Beyblade= Omega Dragonis 85XF
Age= Unknown
Description= Unknown

You can request characters, just put the name, beyblade, special move, and a little bio or description about them.
Its a bit rushed, other then that its fine. All of it just happened too quick.
Yeah, I get that a lot. I need to learn, [stupid,stupid,stupid] (Hitting myself).
Ya know, if you read allot, and I mean allot, it helps with your writing.
Chapter 2,3,4 are all up for reading.

Chapter 5 is up for reading.
Chapter 6 and 7 are up for reading. Deception and Betrayal start so better catch up.