[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

i have more than 8 i just havent put them down yet
This topic can only be used to get general interest for a certain date. Also, our entry fee is five dollars, and also it is free for Passport Holders.

If you do not follow the World Beyblade Organization's format, you cannot talk about or advertise a tournament here.
Ok, I think I'm going to bail on the Battle on Lake Michigan idea, either people can only make it on Sunday while others can only make it on Saturdays... While everybody seems to be able to make it back to Millennium Park on Saturdays, I'm looking at August 18 right now! This will be the last battle of the summer on the West Side while I prepare for something special for around Halloween.

Let me know if you can make it August 18 at Millennium Park and what works best for everybody a 1:00pm or 5:00pm start time. And what works best for the majority will be picked. Unless we get a few long distance participants that can only make one time. I want the Detroit and Fort Wayne bladers back if they can make it!
Can we do it on a sunday my all star baseball games are on satardays and scouts come from really elite leages u get the just if not then i guess i can still make it
I don't think scouts from an "elite team" would want a player blowing off their games and team for something else... I'd bench you the whole season I don't care if you're Lebron James...
wow thanks coach another person dises me in baseball.....
Im just saying those should be your priorities not a beyblade tournament... there should be no question. I didnt diss you at all. Im just saying no matter how talented somebody is if they lack commitment I'd rather not have them on my team. But I was already requested by a few bladers for it to be the 18th. So....
I do commit to baseball hell im the first one there and the last one to leave u know what screw this i gotta go
So August THE 18 the MBM will be practicing and ready to destroy!!!!!!
August 18th is almost already a go. With 5 from team MBM, all of Team Legendary Destiny, and Grand Rapids part of Grand Destiny! We already have enough which is excellent I'll put in the proposal together very soon.

Now everybody, ESPECIALLY THE TOP POINTS HOLDERS IN THE STATE clear your calendar for October 27th. And if you're not and want in on the big part of the event, get to the tournament with a good game plan on August 18 to improve your standings.
Big things coming I had an odd idea I thought might get rejected but it was approved! I'm thinking it will be in East Lansing at Parchment Park again where we had the small tournament in March, that way we can get the top points earners in the state for sure, seeing a lot of them are from Detroit with a few from the West side. But even if that doesn't include you, you will want to make an effort if you can to get out to this!

Oh and make sure you dress up as your character or You the blader, a creation of your own character even better! might have a prize for the best character "costume."
That would be awesome if you had it in lansing
Will do Libraten! what about LDragoten? I was kind of counting on you two already so let me know! Thanks
Yeah we can bring him But he might have plans not sure I will ask
i'm going with libraten
For the one on October 27th, can you make the time around 4:00 PM? I might have a football game then.
I will be there for october i will dress up like........ i have no idea yet....
I want to dress up like Dunamis but i think that might be a little bit hard to make.
I'm planning on being the person who owns death Quetzacoatl I will not say his name in fear that I will be reported
(Jul. 18, 2012  10:11 PM)libraten Wrote: I'm planning on being the person who owns death Quetzacoatl I will not say his name in fear that I will be reported
HAHA lol if your talking about the character it's ok
I still say that's a girl... when I first heard somebody say that's a boy, I was like are you kidding me??
i got 10 bucks if panasher goes he will be ryuga lol
lol that's exactly what I said.
(Jul. 18, 2012  10:54 PM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote: i got 10 bucks if panasher goes he will be ryuga lol
What will You Be?

hmmmmm i know benkie! or however u spell it