[LTD] Libra Discussion

Libra is one of the most best parts in Limited. It has use in Anti-Attack and Defense. The best set up for Libra is on low and mid height tracks. Here's why:
Fake tests (Click to View)
I've done informal testing lately with MFH Libra GB145 RSF VS gravity attack setups... I've got good results against Libra .... All KOs..
Pretty sure he's using Right Spin, which makes it more difficult to KO Libra, even with the fact it can be weak launched vs left. Left Spin gravity tests would be more representative of Libra's abilities IMO (it's slightly better than earth, though if the opponent can hit it from below it's much easier to KO).
Here's my MF-H Libra 85RF to add to the discussion.
I also thought about throwing it on a TH170 and S130, some thoughts for future tests
I know Attack would probably kill it, but I'd still think Libra BGrin tests would be nice.

Unfortunately, no Libra, so I can't test myself. Tongue_out
I did some tests as well:

Libra B:D vs Earth Aquario 85 WD (Click to View)

Libra 85 WD vs Earth Aquario 85 WD (Click to View)
Libra's underside is really recoil prone if used for Defense or Stamina. However, on 230CS (with an MF-H) it tends to force smash any opponent that can make contact with it from below to outspin them (and anything below that height generally gets outspun because of the usual tall track shenanigans) and it has *some* defense, making for a pretty good balance custom. That said, it gets wrecked by 230 stamina and 130+ height attack (heck, I had MF-H Earth Cancer GB145RF knocking it out fairly reliably, though Earth's slopes had a lot to do with that).
Fake tests (Click to View)
MF-H Libra 90RSF vs MSF-H Samurai Wyvang (Crystal up) GB145R2F
Libra: 13/20 (12 OS'S, 1 KO)
Wyvang: 7/20 (3 OS'S, 4 KO'S)
Libra win %: 65%

MF-H Libra CH120RB vs MF-H Gravity Perseus R145R2F
Libra: 15/20 (13 OS'S, 2 KO'S)
Gravity: 5/20 (1 OS'S, 4 KO'S)
Libra win %: 75%

MF-H Libra 85RB vs MF-H Cosmic Kerbecs R145R2F
Libra: 12/20 (9 OS'S, 2 KO'S, 1 Kerbecs Self-KO)
Cosmic: 8/20 (2 OS'S, 6 KO'S)
Libra win %: 55%

That's my end of the test results. So as you can see, I got fairly the same amount of results as "l". However, my third result seems a little bit different... I'm not so sure why... :\ One odd thing was that Kerbecs was actually going a bit... 'wild'. I checked the R2F and it seemed a bit dodgy.

EDIT: Well... I put gravity in right (I think - it was very early morning).
Um... where did you get it from? Thanks for the tests. Also, what direction was Gravity in? And do you know where your Libra's from?
I could help in testing, may I know what I should test Libra against ?
EDIT: i own the mold 3 libra
Thanks ashton. We could do with stamina tests and Gravity Left-Spin tests. Seen as I mostly tested in right and forgot, haha. Libra 85WD, Libra W145WD ect. That'd help.
I think I should be able to do that too... I'll do gravity left and some of the other tests. Should have results up in hour or so.
I have Libra, mould from the BB-96 Super Deck Set if anybody wants I could do some testing I would like to help, may I know what I should test libra against?
Well... Really sorry for the long wait. I didn't have access to a computer, which is why I wasn't able to post any results... Until now.

MF-H Libra 90RF vs MF-H Gravity Perseus R145R2F (Left-Spin)
Libra: 14/20 (6 OS'S, 8 KO'S)
Gravity: 6/20 (4 OS'S, 2 KO'S)
Libra win %: 70%

I didn't have the 85 track (lost it yesterday... sorry...) so I had to test it on 90. I hope that is OK. From my results, I saw that Libra won less, as Gravity was able to out-spin it. In fact in a tournament situation, it is a 5 round match (correct me if I'm wrong) and Gravity won the first 3... When we compare it to my previous results...

Trickst3r Wrote:MF-H Libra CH120RB vs MF-H Gravity Perseus R145R2F
Libra: 15/20 (13 OS'S, 2 KO'S)
Gravity: 5/20 (1 OS'S, 4 KO'S)
Libra win %: 75%

We can confirm that it was tougher for Libra to win. However as we can see, there was a different track set-up in both of these, so it isn't necessarily a fair test. Which is why, I also did a test with the mid-height track; RF tip (Libra Test 2) and low-height track; RB tip. (Libra Test 3).

MF-H Libra CH120RF vs MF-H Gravity Perseus R145R2F (Left Spin)
Libra: 13/20 (8 OS'S, 5 KO'S)
Gravity: 7/20 (5 OS'S, 2 KO'S)
Libra win %: 65%

So as we see... with left spin... Gravity is starting to do a little better... not enough to be better than Libra, but it is definitely working better. Test 1 and 2 so far have been as a sort of anti-attack test. Lets move on to test 3.

MF-H Libra 90RB vs MF-H Gravity Perseus R145R2F (Left spin)
Libra: 12/20 (7 OS'S, 5 KO'S)
Gravity: 8/20 (1 OS'S, 7 KO'S)
Libra win %: 60%

Now... this has been really confusing for everyone... I couldn't think of a way to put this into English. Basically, I'm simply trying to include all the different variables, and see the result I get. Test 3 shows us that Libra did defend fairly well. I find that it is slightly more useful in anti-attack customizations...

If it didn't make sense even now, please tell me.
Did some testing with libra:

My Testing:

MF-H Libra GB145RSF vs Earth Cancer W145WD
Libra: 2/20 (0 KO'S, 0 OS'S)
Earth: 18/20 (0 KO'S, 0 OS'S)

Libra win %: 10%

Equipment: black 3 segment launcher grip and LR launcher.

I'm going to do more testing with Libra when I can.
Well, it was RSF defence vs WD stamina (if not on something like Wyvang) so chances are that the stamina would win. I'd like to see more stamina testing for libra.
I own all three moulds of Libra. Is there something that needs to be tested in priority, not too much that I risk actually breaking any of them since the first two are not reinforced like the third one is ?
If it's not to much to ask, could you test Libra for any stamina? Set-up W145WD, 230D, ect. Try not to brake your moulds. I do know what it's like, haha.
I was planning on continuing my Stamina comparisons : I already started with Earth against Burn at least, on 145WD.

Unless I find one this weekend at a local toy store, I do not own Hasbro's Scythe.
Scythe is basically guaranteed to wreck Libra anyway, even the bad molds - Scythe almost fits over Libra haha.

But yes, stamina tests are going to be the big thing, defense tests with mold 2 and 3 for comparison would be good, however personally I wouldn't take the risk breakage wise.
Was going to make a thread for Libra B:D until I remembered this discussion existed. This is probably my favorite Libra combination and one of my preferred stamina combos for Limited.

Did a few rounds against Earth Cancer AD145 WD:

Earth Cancer AD145 WD vs Libra B:D
Earth wins: 3/10 (30% win rate)
Libra wins: 7/10 (70% win rate)
I don't use Libra for pure stamina on BGrin, but more as just a counter against other stamina types mostly. It can OS defense just fine and all, but it is easily KOed because of Libra's underside recoil. It KO's and OS's stamina though which is good. I like Libra BGrin so I'm glad to see more tests of it!
Is Bearing Drive even LEGAL in LTD?
Sounds like it makes Libra too OP..