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Full Version: TAKARA-TOMY announces new, third Beyblade generation: Beyblade Burst! ベイブレードバースト
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An official new Beyblade generation will launch this July 2015: Beyblade Burst (ベイブレードバースト)!!

Anime trailer (set for spring 2016, work by OLM Animation Studio):

To talk about the Beyblade Burst manga and see all the new characters and story, click here!

To discuss the Beyblade Burst anime, click here!

Four starter Beyblades will be released in July 2015:
[Image: beybladeburst_4beyblades.jpg]
(From left to right) Kerbeus (dark green), Ragnarok (orange), Valkyrie (blue) and Spriggan (red).

The actual product names are:

B-01 DX Starter Valkyrie Wing Accel
B-02 DX Starter Spriggan Spread Fusion
B-03 Starter Ragnaruk Heavy Survive
B-04 Starter Kerbeus Central Defence
B-05 Booster Spriggan Heavy Defence
B-06 Booster Ragnaruk Central Accel
B-07 Booster Kerbeus Wing Fusion

All come with a Light Launcher, again a winder-based launcher.
[Image: beybladeburst_sprigganvalkyriestarters.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_kerbeusragnaruk.jpg]

B-08 Beyblade Start Dash Set
This set comes with a new BeyLauncher, a string launcher, and of course the new stadium, BeyStadium Standard Type (Special Ver.). It will most likely be released separately between B-04 and B-08, or right after, like BB-10.
[Image: beybladeburst_b08startdashset.jpg]

The Launcher Grips will be released separately:
[Image: beybladeburst_stadiumlaunchergrip.jpg]
(Right-hand corner.)

Here are the new box packagings for those Beyblades, and already recolours:
[Image: beybladeburst_4beybladesboxes.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_starterbox.jpg] (Starter)

Valkyrie and Spriggan will both come with a [b]BeyLogger
, a device much like the BeyPointer that you will connect to your smartphone to have real-time rankings and add your own battling data to the list. They will cost 2200 yen.

[Image: beybladeburst_beylogger.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_beyloggerconnectedtosmartphone.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_beycrowdsystemranking.jpg]

Ragnarok and Cerbeus will not come with a BeyLogger, so they will only cost 1200 yen.

These new Beyblades have a new "Burst Gimmick": they are meant to explode in battle! The strongest bey stays intact while the other separates! Here's a video of this gimmick in action:

The third generation of Beyblades has a three-layer part system:
  • Layer
  • Disk
  • Driver

These parts can be seen in the following pictures:
[Image: beybladeburst_burstgimmick.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_threeparts.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_valkyrieprototype.png]
[Image: beybladeburst_bottomunderside.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_parts.jpg]

Since they explode, these Beyblades require a new sort of BeyStadium with more of a cover on top.
[Image: beybladeburst_newstadium.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_newstadium2.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_stadiumside.jpg]

An anime and manga are already geared up for this new series! The manga comic will start on May 15th 2015, in the June edition of CoroCoro!
The new main character is Vart/Vurt and he owns Valkyrie Wing Accel.
Great news. They remind me of the first few plastic releases, with few parts. They look like alot of fun. If the rankings are like the Beypointer, I question the accuracy, haha.

I wonder if when Hasbro release them, if the explosion gimmick will be taken away or altered.
I'm a little disappointed that they didn't wait a bit longer and develop something more innovative. Tops that fall apart after every battle sound like a pain to constantly be putting together. As for the actual part make-up, they look a lot like a combination of the previous systems, taking different aspects from each.

Judging by the few pictures we've seen, I'm not a hudge fan of the aesthetics. What appealed to me about Metal Fight was that centerpiece was the metal wheel and the designs (particularly on Zero-G chrome wheels) lent themselves well to paint jobs. It's hard to tell, but it looks to me like the Burst wheels have a clear plastic outer shell, which could make painting the wheel difficult.

That being said, I really am excited about this new announcement; it's come at a good time, right as Beyblade and the WBO were beginning to die down. I'll definitely be checking Ebay in the months leading up to July, just in case something is released early.
This is actually really exciting for me. Good to know beyblade isn't dead.
Wait Cerbeus is green? Ugh, guess I'll get Spriggons, or Ragnorak, heck they all look good.

EDIT: If you think about it, the wheel layout is like Battle Strikers Series 2, and the aesthetics like Top Plate or those Chinese top Infinity Nado.
Wait, on the box; Cerbeus is spelt with a K and not a C.

Anywho, this series is very exciting although kinda strange. I really like Ragnarok because it looks kinda like Dranzer S (In my opinion anyway).
More images of the new stadium :
[Image: beybladeburst_newstadium2.jpg] [Image: beybladeburst_stadiumside.jpg]

A picture of the Starter box (previously, you saw Boosters) :
[Image: beybladeburst_starterbox.jpg]

Another picture of Cerbeus, in green :
[Image: beybladeburst_cerbeusgreen.jpg]
Traditional like? I love it. Ragnarok looks like Dranzer S and Valkyrie looks like Master Driger doesn't it?

TBH I'm not a fan of the exploding gimmick so far, seems convoluted.
Why am I the only one being reminded of the Zero G attack stadium (without the swaying gimmick of course)?
Added new information : full product names for B-01, B-02, B-03 and B-04. The Beyblades' names actually have three parts, probably to represent each of their layers.
Wow! This is amazing news! Im just a little sad if we have to wait a year for the series to come to North America, Haha.

My personal favourite is Ragnarok, I always have liked red, fiery things. I mean it just looks cool, don't know how good it will actually be. Until then, I will just have to continue using my good old MFBs. Grin
Excellent news! I'm hoping this may get my kids excited about Beys again Smile
For an all old gen guy, I find this very interesting!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if this will be coming to North America in 2017, as per Zankye's source.

I'm excited to see how the series, toyline and other media, will develop. Hopefully, it doesn't disappoint!
Even more information discovered and added :

[Image: beybladeburst_sprigganvalkyriestarters.jpg]
[Image: beybladeburst_kerbeusragnaruk.jpg]

B-08 Beyblade Start Dash Set
This set comes with a new BeyLauncher, a string launcher, and of course the new stadium. It will most likely be released separately between B-04 and B-08, or right after, like BB-10.
[Image: beybladeburst_b08startdashset.jpg]

Launcher Grips will also be released separately :
[Image: beybladeburst_stadiumlaunchergrip.jpg]
looks really exciting, hopefully it gets a fast US release
Super excited! I asked for a way to gain interest again, and here it comes! Thank You!
I'm not so hyped about them, anyway I'm waiting too see more Smile

Well, that was WAY faster than expected. CANNOT WAIT for these to come out!

Also, the new concept, did anyone notice its actually VERY similar to my entry in the next Beyblade series contest?

Here's the link: (It's lower down the page)

Maybe TT had a little inspiration from the WBO for this series Wink.
I cannot upload pictures to Beywiki right now, but in case the above post is difficult to understand due to all the images, here is the article for Beyblade Burst so you can see all the official information we have to this point :
wow haha.

is ot just me or do u guys see plastics cameos? i see Seaborg, Knight Dranzer...
i also see Berserker Behemoth and Poison Serpent.

These look a little low quality (they remind me of knockoffs) compared to the previous generations .

Well, that was certainly a short lived hiatus, haha.
The exploding gimmick definitely makes it sound like Beyblade will have another luck percentage added to it ... Like the Jenga game, if the Beyblade is made fragile in order to burst, then it is a matter of hitting it in the right place and with enough force, that again nobody really controls ...
hopefully we will be doing tournaments in that new «format» soon enouf[/align]
(Apr. 15, 2015  5:13 PM)GrandAquario Wrote: [ -> ]hopefully we will be doing tournaments in that new «format» soon enouf[/align]

Since they will be released in July, definitely count on a tournament either then or in August, for sure.