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Full Version: Beyblade parts you want to see come true!
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(May. 13, 2011  2:00 PM)bladeruler Wrote: [ -> ]i would like to see mw^2d (metal wide defence) tip and think it would be awesome as it will not going to get scratched so fast

I think you mean Metal Wave Wide Defense.
If you want MWD, let me tell you, its BAD. I have it, got it with a fake bey. Very low traction, whooping Stamina, but utterly easy to KO. Its weight does contribute, but its just quite similar to EWD if you consider its qualities.
RS have Blnce Problems.
Who cares about getting Ko-ed In Stamina Battles not to many Ko's hAPPEN.
I thought RF was wide as XF
(May. 13, 2011  3:25 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: [ -> ] Ray:
I thought RF was wide as XF

last i checked RF is as wide as WF not XF
(May. 11, 2011  1:51 PM)stevebak Wrote: [ -> ]this should be a great part if they did so. it a 23o wheel with a rubber coath. In my case it is more a elastic that I placed ont top of the spinntrack. But yeah it performed great, if I owned gravitty I vould have tried full power leftspin but to bad I don't.

this would be a instant top tier

UMM......... Horrible balance with a Earth wheel why didn't you try Flame wheel, Duh Flame Byxis if you try that i will be convinced. But i would love to see a beyblade bottom that has a rubber tack like Hell Kerbecks, But rubber.
Lol, alot of ppl talk about my ideas Grin

Got more :

WMB - wide metal ball
AD230 - Armour defense 230
ERS - Eternal rubber sharp
ES155 - Eternal Shield 155 (its like bd145, but taller, and it turns, so if a bey hits it, the track will turn)
(Jul. 28, 2008  2:03 AM)Grey Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to see an effective Jumping Bottom. A combination of the Engine Gear release mechanism and the Einstein MS design would be effective, IMO. The base would just need to be as wide or wider than the Track and the release could work.

I'd also like to see a Rubber-Metal hybrid tip. It could work like the Metal Change Base, with a metal tip in the center for endurance and rubber surrounding the metal, so that when it was hit, the blade could go into attack mode.

...I seriously just thought of that, so I don't know if that would be effective at all. =\ Some kind of Hybrid Bottom would be cool, though.

For Wheels, I'd want to see some kind of Attacker that we haven't seen before, something that isn't Upper Attack, Smash Attack or Force Smash, if possible.
Hmm...maybe an Upper Smash Attack, where the "swoop" part of the Wheel was ribbed, or where the end of the "swoop" (not the part that first hits the blade, but the part of the Wheel near the "head") had some kind of Smash Attack part. Similar to the Advance Striker's AR.
Again, I don't know how effective that would be, since I just thought it up.

buddy, ray unicorno already has that
uhh..... this proplaby won't be possible till 2015 or 2020 but a spin track called SDA140 that switches from stamina track to defence track and will take all of the other beys power in one hit. (has sensors that detect other bey to switch)
(May. 18, 2011  2:31 AM)firebey12 Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jul. 28, 2008  2:03 AM)Grey Wrote: [ -> ]<cut>

buddy, ray unicorno already has that

buddy, that post is 2 years old; which was 2 years before the release of Ray Unicorno.
This seems like as good a place as any to post this. While some have said in the past that Hasbro would only make beys that appear in the anime, we all know that is not true. Due to the Legend series of course. Would love to see Hasbro make a Legend Quetz.

Might end up having something like 100F, but would like to see what they would come up with for that bey. Would mean they'd have to make a totally new CW, so that probably diminishes any chance of this happening. I can dream...
they should expand the eternal series like ef=eternal flat or a eb=eternal ball
and some more cool attack tips like rubber wide flat or rubber hole flat, coat flat
and a spin track like th170 that can change from 90 to 100 to 110(seems impossible though)
A spin track of 140 height that contains a spring. On the beyblade receiving a heavy hit (from the opponent, the walls or even a bad launch), the top and bottom of the spin track would come apart slightly, allowing the spring to force it into the air for one powerful jump (though there may be a few bounces on landing). After this, the part would be approximately 150-160 in height and would likely react slightly abnormally to hits.
I call it J140.

Also a Burning Kerberus style metal wheel and a face bolt with slightly more metal on one side than the other to abuse things like the CS tip.
i'm thinking of a wheel where it can change its mode automatically due RPM or centrifugal F : S and F : change its tip due to centrifugal about a metal wheel that can change mode too?
e.g.:from multi hit to counter
That would require moving parts withing the metal wheel which might not make it the sturdiest of wheels but I guess it could be cool nonetheless.
I wish there was the contemporary (to Ketos) Cetus face so I can make my Infinity Alpha-Diver (nickname) more special.
now they have nise tip like FConfused and FGrin..i'm thinking of a tip comined with track that frm bearing tip...both plastics and hms have bearing beys..why dont MFB have bearing too??work best for stamina bey..
I'd like a tip called EQ to be made. It stands for earth quake and what it does is when you launch the bey with the tip EQ when it lands on the stadium and it will pound the stadium floor with a kind of like bulbarian which makes the stadium shudder.
Also and metal wheel called Bolt. I just randomly thought of.
remembered roller attacker,roller defencer and spike lizzard from plastics era..
they have roller..
i wonder how well roller can be use inmfb..imagine a metal wheel with rollers or track with rollers..
wonder how the performance would be..
WMB and RS
I believe "TR145" is the part you're looking for.

Also, wouldn't EQ be an eternal quake tip? That would be one bizarre part and likely wouldn't work.
(Jun. 02, 2011  6:09 PM)Ultimate Zero Wrote: [ -> ]WMB and RS

RS already exists, and you really need to elaborate more on your answer.
(Jun. 02, 2011  6:11 PM)Dracomageat Wrote: [ -> ]I believe "TR145" is the part you're looking for.

Also, wouldn't EQ be an eternal quake tip? That would be one bizarre part and likely wouldn't work.
Ok E then, maybe I didnt explain it quite well...
I know this would not work with MFB's in a lifetime (unless the metal wheel was abnormally light) but a hovering beyblade would be cool, but it would be terrible in competitive play (or it could just float in the air and out spin the opponent but that would NEVER happen lol)
RBS( Rubber Ball Sharp)
WRB (Wide Rubber ball)
I can only think of 2 right now...

Track- BDGB230 (Boost Disk Gravity Ball 230) Stamina, stamina, STAMINA.
and Bottom- XLR2F (Extreme Left Right Rubber Flat) Is that too much attack?