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Full Version: Beyblade parts you want to see come true!
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Metal. Hole. Flat.
A MXF ( Metal Extreme Flat)
GF: Glass Face. When touched by a Bey, it shatters, denting the opponents bey. 0.97 grams
Blizzard: A MW similar to Beat and Variares. Looks like a mix between the 2. 42.17 grams
Armadillo: A CW that Looks like Scythe's PC Frame because it leave a gap in the middle of Blizzard. 2.63 grams
95: Really..? 1.12 grams
R2D: Right Rubber Defense. WD with a Rubber tip like B. 0.79 grams

Weight: IDK grams
nice idea, but with the face wouldn't you be wasting your money if you bought it?
You're joking right? You don't know how many grams it is though you just gave fictitious ones? Wut!?
It would be 47.68 g.
This is honestly concerning.
anyway my part is:

armageddon Jayta GC (gyro core) 135MG (metal Gravity)

Jayta is like the knight slipstream AR but in clear wheel form and you can't add the sub-wheel so you can read the description of that.

armageddon is a part built only to work with Jayta, the Jayta clear wheel fits perfectly into the grooves of armageddon and keeps the clear wheel safe. armageddon has 2 built in blades which are quite small but pop out when the beyblade is spinning and is like the shredder wheel in v-force

GC is what it says, with the gyro inside it can take the power of the opponents attacks and absorb it and use it against it, so when it gets hit it tilts and when it comes back around hits the opponents track with the blades.

MG is a tip which is the heaviest tip in the world. it is not hollow and is made of a single piece of metal. it also has a tip which has a point on it but has rounded edges, also if it tilts to far to one side it becomes an attack bey.

the whole point of this bey is to 1) take the opponents hits in it's stride 2) hit back harder than the opponent 3)not fly out of the stadium and of course 4) win and be fun to play with. also if i do a beyblade story this will be the main blade!
Something that can KILL Basalt...
But do average against other things... Hmm... Would that even be possible?
hey raigeko do you mean my bey? or someone elses?
actually i might decide to design this bey
(Aug. 11, 2011  6:16 PM)beyblader05 Wrote: [ -> ]A MXF ( Metal Extreme Flat)
Don't steal my idea, man! >Unhappy


CHF (Coat Hole Flat)

What is this bey you speak of?! o.O But something that has ultimate defense/something else against Basalt, and crushes it, but it will do average against others, would be soo cool! Impossible I know, but ehh lol.
metal flat tip, wide defence 130 track, (a mix of d125 and ed145)
wide metal ball tip, oooooh! and a magnent track that pulls the other bey towards it.
you never know! lol i have a chance of making it, i'm doing resistant materials next year and at the end we can do one project of anything, so i might make this bey real!
I haven't come up for a name yet but a 4D bottom that has a mechanisim like Bushin Core from Phantom Fox MS.
So it can split into two parts!
Can someone come up with a name?
Or ES130[Enternal Sheild 130]
(Aug. 11, 2011  9:31 PM)pegasusmaster Wrote: [ -> ]metal flat tip,

there already is one Wink

i want a MFB engine gear Cool

and i think a metal flat sharp would be cool (MFB version of driger S anyone?)
This post has been deleted.
(Aug. 13, 2011  2:04 AM)CurlyMagic Wrote: [ -> ]I seriously think it's about time that we had a MWD bottom. It's in the PSP Metal Fight Beyblade Portable Game, so I don't see any reason as to why it shouldn't have already been made. Also, I'd like to see a part similar to S130's width and a completed circle of an ED145 rather than the 3 wings on it. I call it, BC140 - Boost Circle 140. Not really creative with the name, but the idea seems pretty cool. Stupid

I think BS140 would be better(Boost shield)
How about a track like gb145 that shoots metal balls at the opponent. That would be cool to seeWink
But then the metal balls can be it will not be very reliable to use..sometimes it may hit someone also..
TB Tornado Battle
Performance Tip (can be used only with the TB285 Spin Track)

TB285 (Tornado Battle 285) Spin Track

These parts I came up with are inspired by the Tornado Battler Beys
I want to see BD230 come true, Hell Kerbecs Track with Flame Byxis Height
A 290 track would be a game breaker, please.... Though the BD230 sounds definitely acceptable.

If there is in fact a system after the second half of 4D, I want some "primary" metal wheels that go on the main metal wheel.

EDIT: This includes metal facebolts as a default, while the plastic track and tips with other materials still being applicable.
Oh, let me edit that last post I made a bit!
I want to see WRB wide rubber ball.
(Aug. 15, 2011  6:45 PM)Itachi8 Wrote: [ -> ]I want to see WRB wide rubber ball.
(Aug. 15, 2011  6:45 PM)Itachi8 Wrote: [ -> ]I want to see WRB wide rubber ball.

thatll be way to aggresice WB is agrressive enough rubber will make so youll proberly have to rip at half speed and they itll be easy to KO