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Country: Registration Date: Aug. 01, 2011

Hello, my name MFB Mad Master. I launched my first bey on May 23, 2010. I am a huge collector in beyblades. My collection is: Galaxy Pegasus, Thermal Lacerta, Ray Unicorno, Gravity Perceus, Sol Blaze, Vulcan Horuseus, Fang Leone, Hell Kerbecs, Flame Byxis, Killer Beafowl, Screw Capricorn, Mercury Anubis, and Bakushin Susanow, Rock Giraffe, Beat Lynx, Big Bang Pegasus, L Drago Destroy, Blitz Unicorno, Nightmare Rex, 2 Basalt Horogium, Divine Chimera, Vari Ares, Jade Jupiter, Phantom Orion, Death Quetzalqoatl, Kreis Cygnus, Diablo Nemesis, Fusion Hades and all Metal Fusion beys. I am also on Youtube, I am a part of my friends channel. I am in the videos Crazy Ninja Kid 1 and Crazy Ninja Kid 2, I am the guy doing the crazy tricks you might find impossible.

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