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Full Version: Beyblade parts you want to see come true!
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(Apr. 30, 2012  11:41 PM)Maya Wrote: [ -> ]229 spintrack, just for funnies.

I was about to put 229 1/2
I think that would deserve a lawl. I seriously think that there should be higher trcaks than 230, and lower than 85. 80-limit, 245-limit. There should also be a W80, or Wing 80, like W145. Would the effect be more notice able, espically with wings as big as the ones on DF105?
I seriously think that there should be higher trcaks than 230
>trcaks than 230
but really it was a part of the MAXIMUM series.
I want to see a 120 track and an XD tip for Extreme Defense. It would be even wider than WD and would have 4 holes in there. Total awesomeness.
i would have a metal eternal defence that you can control so low attackers will fall like my enemies.
I have an idea for a spin track,it's called the RS130. It's basiclly a S130 mold made with rubber for inhanced defense. What do you think?
I think a good track would be SD170 (Spike Defense).

A 170 Height track with thick, durable plastic spikes for added defense. It would be thick, like 230, so it could take most metal-to-track contact...
A spiral change Blade Base that can change from RF to MS instead of F to MS.

it would have more attack power than the regular F on Spiral Change.
It would be RHF and similar to Big Bang Pegasis' RHF mode.
I also would like a regular plastic DF(Defense Flat). I'm looking at my new D tip and I realize it could be good for defense it was less sloped, to kindof rebound from attacks(which it already does decently). So this would be like DS, but with a flat in the middle that just barely protrudes from the D so when its banked or balanced, it would be aggresive, but when its hit or off balance, it would simply swerve back and counterattack or just go back to Attack Mode.
Suspension Balancer 170 and Finisher Defense

Suspension Balancer uses a piston-like hydraulic which looks similar to B:D (bearing defense) and makes the tip retraction more effective.

Finisher Defense is exclusive to high-profile and mid-profile tracks. Nothing 10.5 is capable of using it. It's basically EWD with a retractable plastic center and a rubber outer layer. It's similar in respects to Final Drive, but corresponds to whatever angle the surface is.
Diamond Tiger AD145 CXMF
CXMF is Circle Xtreme Metal Flat
MCXF could be good too, only the circle is metal :p.
That'll probably be the heaviest bottom ever made !
Exactly my point. Would be majorly broken.
Make a Metal BD145 , BAM , MF-H Diablo Kerbecs MBD145MCXF . Would probably break the prongs of every launcher you launch it with Grin
Takara would have to reinforce their launchers. But, Since they've moved onto Zero-G, and BD145 kinda sucks in it, scrapes to much, I doubt they'll make one. MCXF will be probabale, though.
You think they know BD145 sucks in there ? I don't .
Oh, well, I would think they would test abunch of parts to see if the stadium is worth using.

IDEA!!!! An Eternal Quake, plus MC145, or Move Circle 145. It has the abilities of M145, but in a circular path.
To prevent breakage, to move the tip, you have to twist the tip, like on TH170.
There is no point in a eternal quake tip
Chaos, dude. CHAOS.
Especially in Zero-G stadia.
Another track I would love to see involving Q/M145 stuff is TM150. The circular area is wider, so it has 3 diffrent modes: Little bounce, Big bounce, and of ocurse right on the edge bounce (Keep in mind the circle would be as big as E230's disk, if it is wider then the normal M145. If not, it'll be... eh, about the width of Storm approximately.
I would kill a man to see eternal q
MF BASALT CANCER145EQ in the new zero g stadium.
but if were talking Q tips

Change height 230
metal eternal quake
or if were talking actual parts here then
Imagine in your mind a circular metal wheel.
now imagine holes going through it in a kind of slanted way.
as it spins it makes a whistle.
I keep explaining this to people, EQ would not jump. The tip would turn instead. See my "Eternal Gravitation Ball" idea for an explanation of what could be done with this though.
We know it wouldn't jump, unless it's at an even sharper angle. Really, I'm thinking it would only be useful in Zero-G meta.