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Full Version: Beyblade parts you want to see come true!
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How about AWB (Assault Wide Ball), a more aggressive version of WB.
WMS145(wide metal sheild)
(Dec. 21, 2011  1:54 AM)aj_the_elite Wrote: [ -> ]WMS145(wide metal sheild)

Wouldn't that just be MBD145 (Metal boost disk)
RXF (rubber extreme flat)
It's already been suggested several times already.
What about a reverse sharp Tip?
What does that mean? I would love to see a R3F I might host a giveaway for that and I would like to see RWD rubber wide defense that would be awesome
A reverse sharp is basically a concave version of a sharp tip.
(Dec. 21, 2011  3:48 AM)InfernoStriker Wrote: [ -> ]A reverse sharp is basically a concave version of a sharp tip.

So a HF ?
(Dec. 21, 2011  6:27 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]
(Dec. 21, 2011  3:48 AM)InfernoStriker Wrote: [ -> ]A reverse sharp is basically a concave version of a sharp tip.

So a HF ?

Not exactly... A reverse sharp forms this shape ( |/\| ) while the normal sharp forms the familiar point ( \/ ) It may sound like an HF tip, but the size of the hole is far greater in diameter then the HF.
So WHF? Noone liked that idea last time but ok...

(Dec. 20, 2011  10:06 PM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]Wing Attacker broke very easily.

That's why I said it wasn't the best way of doing things.

(Dec. 21, 2011  1:12 AM)UGottaCetus Wrote: [ -> ]How about EB(Eternal Ball)? It would combine good stamia with defense and keep the bey steady, just like B. Thinking about it though, ES practically turns into an EB after a while anywayTongue_out.

ES will never have the balance of a B tip and if it were a 3D free motion rather than a 2D one it would be even more different (and rather good to boot).

(Dec. 21, 2011  1:35 AM)UGottaCetus Wrote: [ -> ]Whoops, sorry like I said, hasn't been released where I live. Anyway thought of another part: RQ(Rubber Quake). That would make the Bey even more aggresive!

Edges would round out so fast.

(Dec. 21, 2011  1:51 AM)T. L-Drago 9207 Wrote: [ -> ]How about AWB (Assault Wide Ball), a more aggressive version of WB.

Less tall but the same width so the slopes are shallower? Might work but you'd be sacrificing balance for attack...
A triangular RF tip, which can be called TRF. Also reverse CS the rubber in the middle instead of the plastic being in the middle. Finally DRF Defensive Rubber Flat, its a RF but when knocked off balance it stops it self by going into defense mode, then back to attack mode.
EDIT: but my final idea RBF. Meaning Rubber Bounce Flat its a RF but when it makes contact with another beyblade it shoots upwards like a rocket knocking the other bey out, with enough force of course otherwise it would be overpowered.
TRF sounds interesting.
Reverse CS (CRS?) would be like an RSF with less defense.
DRF needs an explanation for how it would work.
RBF would have to be a 4D bottom.
TRF wouldn't that just be like RS because it's triangular or is it sort of like RSF but more straight sides and the bottom completely flat
He means the bottom is flat, but in the shape of a triangle. Not a pyramid, which is what you're thinking of.
i still don't understand but anyway i think it might be a good tip for stamina and defence purposes

How would it be good in defense, moreso stamina if it's a flat tip of RUBBER?
...rubber has exceptional grip, and RSF and RDF both have flat tips and work very well for Defense.

Rubber tips are garbage for Stamina, though, yes.
what about a SuPer Wide Flat, which consists of a W2D tip without the sharp point.
It would be wild and literally uncontrollable as far as I can assume.

Keeping XF in the stadium is sometimes a hassle, never mind this SWF you're thinking of.
I would like to see a spin track that can compress all the way from 230 to 85.
I want to see spin tracks with mini gas containers in them. e.g. HE150 (helium 150mm)
in HE150 the container would be ballon type material
Yeah, because if you put poison gas in a track the other beyblades will smell it and get OS'd instantly..?
'¬' no but if you put stuff like propane then you could make the opponents bey(and maybe your own [fail]) would catch fire?
A DF tip. It stands for Defense Flat of course...
I am not really mad behind this thing, just that I noticed that a fake tip I saw recently looks like a D/SD with a F tip at the center.
It performed quite OK, but considering my love for DS, I thought it was a DS-look alike. So, yeah. Smile