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Country: Registration Date: May. 31, 2011 Birthday: Jun. 30, 1999 (24 years old)

Yo, I'm Primal. I've been to multiple tournaments so far, four of which I have placed in. Four of them were hosted by me, and I plan to host more. I believe that RB is a better defense tip than CS. Call me crazy; it can outspin WD and other great stamina tips. MSF Revizer Dragooon BD145RB 4Ever ♥ I mostly collect MFB, but every once in a while I'll buy a Plastic or two. If you wonder how I'm so caught up with the MFB metagame, thank $50 eBay gift cards. I got one for Christmas '11, one for Valentine's Day '12, and $30 of one that I gave my dad for something. I'm a defense and stamina enthusiast, hence why I SPAM Duo/Dragooon and Phantom combos at any possible time. Achievements list: ✔Come first at a tournament Be the #1 Blader in Gerogia Get into the top 50 Become an Advanced Memeber ✔Become decent with attack Host 5 tournaments ✔Get RB onto the Competitive Combos list

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