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(Feb. 02, 2013  5:33 PM)BH145WD Wrote: [ -> ]One gigantic lot of plastics.

is that 158000 or 158,000
Huh? It says it clearly. Anyway that has been there forever. Won't ever sell.
Yeah, Yahoo Japan Auctions has been ruined by really rich bidders who buy everything for crazy prices. Lots that would go for 15k now go for 35k.
Yeah recently a lot of used beys with like 50 beys in that I bid on which granted had some nice stuff like silver Gabriel went for nearly 7000 yen. Wasn't expecting it to go that high at all.
I've seen new in packet white Dragoon MFs go for around 15000! There are a few bidders on YJA like krb*** and vim**** who seem to only bid on stuff if other people are bidding on it. No matter how much you bid, they will beat you. I've never outbid either of them. Once they're on the lot you can kiss your dreams goodbye hahaha
The chances of winning this lot now is 0%
It has a freakin NIB Takara Dranzer MS!
Apparently what 3-Dog said is true. It seems once either krb*** or vim*** bids on a lot, it's over..
Wanna check it out?:
And I thought my highest bid of 7000 yen would win me the lot...damn Tired
WOW! TWENTY SIX THOUSAND FOR THAT? Absolutely ridiculous! I think I'm off Y!JA forever after seeing that, the place is broken beyond repair thanks to these guys.
I was just about to say. That lot is worth like half that much.
whoa I can't even see 26000yen value right there
pretty insane
Gabriel, Black Trygle 2, Trygle 2, x2 Black Gaia Dragoon etc.

Rare black grip attacker (at least that's what I think it is).
(Feb. 23, 2013  11:59 AM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]Gabriel, Black Trygle 2, Trygle 2, x2 Black Gaia Dragoon etc.
oki is already bidding on that one. that make me a sad panda. Unhappy
Not really surprising ... He bids on every good lot; and sells them for a huge profit.
(Feb. 23, 2013  12:31 PM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]Not really surprising ... He bids on every good lot; and sells them for a huge profit.

indeed, ebay never get items like this and when it has the price wil be unbelievable high.
(Feb. 23, 2013  12:16 PM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]

Rare black grip attacker (at least that's what I think it is).

I remember just 3 months ago black grip attackers (NIB) would go for around 10, 000. This inflation is crazy, plastic beyblade prices should be going DOWN not up!
Bloody hell. I just wanna get the people bidding so much and slap some sense into them.

I'd totally want this (So I can finally complete the Guardian Revizer 160SB G4 ver.) but I'm tired of going to my front door to sign for the package... and the middlemen service fee is a little too high @_@
What the freaking hell ..

I just checked like 5 minutes ago and it was 620 yen, then a few minutes later ... 13500 yen.

It's not even worth that much .. That Dragoon V2 is fake.

EDIT: There seems to be an Ultimate Frostic Dranzer in there, as well as the base of a Blue Grip Attacker.
this lot is crazy. I can hardly find the stuff worth that much over there
plus that VIM is bidding again, I just can't figure out
if he reli knows the true value of these beys
a lot ended today with Ariel ended at <4500yen man!
How did this end so cheap .. ?

Oki won all that for 3100 yen, and he'll sell the Torch Pegasis alone for 7900 yen. Pinching_eyes_2
Yikes, and I got mine for $19 NIB from eBay like 2 years ago ..
There were a few on eBay half a year ago for like $40. If anyone buys a NIB Flame Pegasus for 7900 yen + shipping, there's something wrong with them. By the way, that lot may have went for low due to the seller's description: he makes no guarantee of the right beys being in the boxes. He doesn't check for you and you're not allowed to ask him either. Real shady.

This is the Flame Peg from that auction, by the way.

(hint: that isn't 7900 yen even with processing fees and EMS)