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.....maybe it's just some kid or an idiot and they won't pay? :X

Brad sell yours already! Pinching_eyes_2 Or have you sold them without me realising? :X
they will be listed soon haha
I hope my stuff of YJA arrives. Its part of my preparation for the BeyStorm Tournament

3x quetz, 3800 each. not that great a price but if you want 3 quetz this is cheaper than buying them separately when you include fees
Opaque black Dark BullH145SD
Fairly useless, but really nice looking.

I was thinking of bidding on this, but I'm not sure if the Stadium is being sold with it. I know they show the box, but the other picture only shows the 2 blades, and in the main pic of the box, it seems they tried to not picture the whole box (which shows it has the stadium).
There's no stadium included ...
I thought so, glad I waited :]

Edit: Was searching through YJA and stumbled across this:
Limited Edition Flash Leopard and.....a pack of cigarettes? Mmm...nutty menthol...
(Aug. 12, 2009  7:14 AM)Tempestas007 Wrote: [ -> ]I thought so, glad I waited :]

Edit: Was searching through YJA and stumbled across this:
Limited Edition Flash Leopard and.....a pack of cigarettes? Mmm...nutty menthol...
I'm assuming the cigarette thing is some kind of odd size reference.
Kind of in the same like when people put AA batteries next to auction lots, so you can see how large the objects are in comparison.
I just find it interesting they decided to use the cigarettes as opposed to something else for the size reference, especially considering the target audience. There were plenty of things out there to use.
They're a far more ubiquitous and less stigmatized item in Japan than in other parts of the world. Also keep in mind that most of the people buying from Yahoo! Japan Auctions are adults, as you need a Japanese bank account or credit card just to sign up on the site.
Hmm, shows how much I know about Japanese culture. Nevertheless, thanks for clearing that up.
purple blizzard orthros

This really badly makes me wish i could use MOJ Unhappy
I believe it is a dark blue, not purple.
(Aug. 13, 2009  1:10 PM)Tempestas007 Wrote: [ -> ]L. L. Drago + Storm Pegasis Y2300

Nice. u gonna buy it?
Nope. I posted it up to give others a chance to buy it.
...danggg thats pretty close to everything...
(Aug. 16, 2009  9:33 AM)Limeguy64 Wrote: [ -> ]...danggg thats pretty close to everything...

There's a lot missing :\
well i mean blade wise... it doesnt have any stadiums or beypointers, it lacks a virgo, aquario and a libra, and its missing RBLV1, RBV1, RBV2, and Quetz.

but other than that, and if you had like... $300 to spend, youd get ALOT of the pieces, and then if you got a Deffense and stamina reshuffle youd have almost all the parts youd need for the competitive combos...
It's a pretty poor lot, full of useless stuff. You'd be better off spending your $300 on other lots.
haha no i know, i just saw it, posted the link cuz i was surprised as to how much stuff was in it... idk i thought it was kinda cool... (also i wasnt interested in buying it...)
What stadium is this??
HMS twin battle set! I would totally get this but my paretns have decided that after buying using MOJ that i was wasting my money Pinching_eyes_2 what do they care its my money....
2 Jiraiya MS If im not mistaken this was on YJA a while back
An amazing HMS lot even if filled with driger MS Gaia Dragoon MS and possibly Dranzer MS (i could be wrong about the Dranzer's)! I never knew there was a goldish Einstien MS and i just want that HMS grip!
Isnt this sort of like Ginga's bey carrier?
(Aug. 17, 2009  9:42 PM)Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]
What stadium is this??

A-88 BeyStadium Super Slope Type

(Aug. 17, 2009  9:42 PM)Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]
Isnt this sort of like Ginga's bey carrier?